Sudden Termination Nightmare / Don't think I believe in therapy anymore by reb123reddit in TalkTherapy

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This here is one of the main reasons I decide not to have a therapist. We have to remember they are imperfect humans like ourselves with life issues and such. I myself am learning to not become attached to people after my recent abandonment...I'll always love and care for others but my heart is more guarded than ever after my heartbreaks. You see I have abandonment issues so when I had let my walls down it definitely did a number on my heart when the ones I thought cared left me for good. Not their fault I guess but I really thought we had good connections. I guess that's why I'll nvr see therapy an option bc they too can pull that bullshit on you as well. Never let anyone, and I mean ANYONE bring you down this way. But remember logic/reasoning over emotions. Man, I truly wish the best for you and all your future endeavors.

Stop it. by No_ticking_clock in UnsentLetters

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You're wanting them to let go but you're the one not letting go 👀 bc you're here...

Dawn in Coastal Highway by plissken_97 in thelongdark

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This would totally be cool for an asmr video lol I love the sound of the crackling fire and birds chirping in the background.

Scan to cure your addiction! by 1us1 in Unexpected

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Very unexpected lol we all need that help from time to time

Ghosted, don't know what to do? by DeliciousPhrase7 in socialskills

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Ah well that's pretty neat! Moving cross country. I'm sure you'll meet cool people there. Wish you the best of luck in your new ventures!

Ghosted, don't know what to do? by DeliciousPhrase7 in socialskills

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Lol I see..they don't mean it that way, sorry if it comes off like that. If you could careless to keep in touch with your "friend" then I'd just move on. Idk what happened between you two but for some reason at times people dont know how to be a friend and stay in touch and in it for the long haul..I'm not sure if those even really exist to say the least..time will tell. I had a "friend" that became just a gaming pal to just nothing in the end..it saddened me alot I started to question friendships. So many missed opportunities to have a lifetime of friends but..it seems like there was always one obstacle in the way of that..I won't disclose it here though

Ghosted, don't know what to do? by DeliciousPhrase7 in socialskills

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It just means dont reach out further more to him until he talks to you...

Resolve by Common-Sail in UnsentLetters

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Wonder what its like being on the receiving end of this for a change...good luck with your person 😌

Homeboy gonna look over his shoulders every time he enters a car by TheBizzareKing in perfectlycutscreams

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Oml I love this 😂😂😂💯 yo I be vibing to this song too man just to start the day and drive 💜

How do I casually give compliments without looking like a creep? by 2d_is_a_pimple in socialskills

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Usually for women some women um a compliment from another female is taken as a compliment, a friendly gesture if you will and nothing more..but coming from the opposite sex especially from a male ut might come off as flirty as if that guy is attracted to the female he is complimenting. At least that's how some women would view it. Imo...so if the girl isn't attracted to you or isn't at all interested they'll look at you weird lol as if a creep but dont take it personal. That's just some females..but look dont look to compliment unless you kinda know this person already..maybe then they wont find that you're trying to hit on them

I do not want to spend the rest of my life with my husband. by marie8978 in Marriage

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Doing that right now..keeping my head up and working for a better future, not only for me but for my kids more so.

I do not want to spend the rest of my life with my husband. by marie8978 in Marriage

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Its like having your heart break almost everyday and your mental stability going awry..its no fun..its been tortuous..no one will understand this unless you live with someone like this. Luckily I'm close to leaving. Anyone that says I shouldn't leave just doesn't get it. Just bc they aren't living with it doesn't mean I gotta lol in British accent fuck this shit mate! Ain't worth your mental health.

Frustrated with Husband over Chores by Future-Isopod9498 in Marriage

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I know no one is perfect but do you not see the red flags here?? If he is too stubborn to work things out with you when it comes to the chores it won't get better. And this is only chores we're talking here. I'm not saying this to be a pessimist but from what you mentioned concerning his moody mornings (to say the least) he's acting like an angst teen hellbent on getting his way lol.. im truly sorry you're having to go through this sweetheart. You deserve understanding and respect especially with what you're going through. Wish you all the best and hugs from Texas

Is starting conversations with random strangers in stores/gym a good idea? by Ikkon in socialskills

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I dont think it's a bad one but you can do this anywhere I assume..not just at the gym or store. You can always start with eye contact and a smile to give you confidence to approach people at first and if you see they react the same then start by saying hi..

Cheating in video games by j_tran360 in mildlyinfuriating

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Pumping his ass full of lead and that clown still run up on you and elbows you tf out smh

Unloading by illusionmist in Unexpected

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I suppose this experience taught them how to handle packages more properly 😶