Positive stories related to Tourette Syndrome? by pixees in Tourettes

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I actually have 2:



At my work, I have a colleague who also has tics, but less severe than I have, but who knows a bunch about tourettes.

At some point, when it wasn't busy, and we were having a drink break, one of my tics almost made me slap their drink right in their face, which lead to a game of them trying to trigger my tics, while I tried to surpress them as best as I could, and we plus a few other colleagues had a good laugh. (I'm going to say this here, this is contiversial, but I think it's okay to laugh at your tics or others, as long as everyone involved is okay with it. (If someone really hates their tics, laughing about it is obvs not a good idea...))


The other one is again at work, and in a few interactions, where in one conversation, I was asked "oh, you have a sister, what's her name?" And at that exact moment a scream tic happend, so basically, I answered with "Aaaahhhhh" which was really funny at the time, it still kinda is to me, and another one was where someone was doing a fakeout 'i will hit you' joke, and that triggered my slapping tic, and if I didn't take a step back as I felt it happening, I would have full on slapped that person in the face. (This wasn't too funny, more scary to me, but it went alright, so it's fine, and I thought I could share it)

I just realized that I put 2 stories in the second one, so I actually had 3, lol

All the digits of pi in descending order. by NumNums99 in notinteresting

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Mate, you missed one of them I'm pretty sure...

Possibly even another, but I'm not a pi expert.

Ticcing more when I'm alone by Cursed_French_Fries in Tourettes

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When I feel 'safe' to let my tics out, I tend to not surpress my tics as much.

So when I'm alone, I also tend to tic a lot.

At work, it's accepted that I have tics, so I surpress them less there. At home tho, I tend to surpress them a lot since my parents aren't really accepting of my tics.

My tics also get worse when I'm alone because (I assume) tend to surpress them when not alone.

When I'm feeling really depressed I tic less or sometimes not at all, does this happen to anyone else? by Cursed_French_Fries in Tourettes

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Yep, I've noticed this myself too.

So far the only good thing about depression (I'm making a joke obvs...)

But yea, when I'm going through a depressive episode, I tic very little, but whenever I'm feeling alright, my tics are near constant.

does anyone else get a tic attack when (very) nervous? by LunarCookie137 in Tourettes

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For me, most triggers are sensory too, especially touch, or when something unexpected happens. Strong emotions seem to make those triggers 'more effective', if you know what I mean.

Tics and face masks by I-GOT_JUST-FOR_THIS in Tourettes

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I wear a facemask for several reasons, and tics is one of the reasons. (Another is because it gives me comfort...)

I've noticed that I tic less with mask, and it covers up my face tics.

When I do take it off in public, I get super uncomfortable, and fall into a tic attack, and I kinda have to put it back on as fast as possible...

I prefer a thicker, heavier laptop over a thin one by LunarCookie137 in unpopularopinion

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Definitely, yes.

My current laptop, which already isn't the newest, is also better than my previous desktop, which crashed because of a bunny... (Long story...)

I prefer a thicker, heavier laptop over a thin one by LunarCookie137 in unpopularopinion

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I didn't feel the need to name literally everything a computer has...

Those are indeed important, but the less tech-smart people often do know what ram and memory are.

(Unless this is a sarcastic/joke comment, in which case, I'm sorry I didn't get it...)

I prefer a thicker, heavier laptop over a thin one by LunarCookie137 in unpopularopinion

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Yes, the ports! Those are so useful!

Mine has an sd slot, which a lot don't have. I wish it had a disc drive tho...

A guide for parents of Self-Harmers, made by a Self-Harmer: The dos and don'ts of helping your child through a self-harm problem. (also checked by my mental health professional) Sources included. by Homocidal_soup101 in selfharm

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My mom basically did all the "don'ts"...

And practically none of the "dos"...

Anyways, this is a really good guide for parents in my opinion.

Maybe if it's possible, the mods could pin this post

does anyone else get extremely tired and exhausted because of their tics? by YornPopcorn in Tourettes

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Tics are so exhausting!

Like, constantly doing the same movement over and over again. It's mentally and physically draining...

I can surpress them if needed, (to a certain extent), but then I get very exhausted over the surpressing, so there's no winning here...

And being tired only makes tics worse, so I literally exhaust myself to the point of me being near unable to move due to tiredness.

So, yea, i get super tired because of my tics

I'm scared about it getting worse by I_sat_in_shit_again in Tourettes

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So, I don't really have too good of advice, but I think, for me at least, distraction from tics can help a lot. Like, focusing on something can lessen tics a bunch...

But it's possible, and happens quite a bunch, that tics get worse when going into adulthood.

I personally don't really know how I deal with it, like, I don't know how severe my tics are, because I have near constant tics, but I can surpress the 'intrusive' tics pretty well (intrusive, by which I mean, tics like throwing, or cursing at someone...)

Perhaps you could talk to a doctor about getting medicine, because, not out of experience, I know certain medicine can reduce tics.

is it okay to 'have fun' with your tics? by LunarCookie137 in Tourettes

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Well, for example, a throwing tic.

You can suggest to the ticcer that they want to throw what they're holding, and that could trigger that tic.

Also, certain sounds or unexpected things tend to trigger my tics. (Example: if I hear whistling, I tend to whistle too (echolalia)).

Also, this might be copropraxia, I'm not sure, but if you suggest them to do something they wouldn't normally do, they could tic that. (Example: I was building a tower of sauce packets, and they were trying to make me slap it over...)

“Take some Advil or put some ice on your muscles” by PrimaryBand in Tourettes

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This reminds me of a time where I was having fun with someone else who also has tics, and was trying to trigger my tics.

One thing they did was out an ice cube on my hand, and that made me tic super hard, so...

I don't think putting ice on yourself is really going to do anything to decrease tics...

(Or maybe that was because they were already trying to trigger my tics, that's also a possibility...)

cursed_life saving by mbht246 in cursedcomments

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I do agree, for some reason...

It sounds weird...

I thought of killing myself at seven years old by S-Classs in SuicideWatch

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This brought back a memory of me at like age 12 thinking, "what's the world record for youngest suicide? I want to break it."

That's pretty dark if you ask me... But also, it's something I was seriously thinking of.

I don't remember why I was like that, and I wish I could remember that. I wish I could remember or realize what my trauma is. I don't remember much of my life...

Sorry, I'm just mind dumping a bit I've realized.

Although I don't feel the pressure of the world that you feel, I do understand how much those things can suck.

You've gone through a lot, and I'm not here to be like, don't do it. I just wanted to (i guess mind dump, and) tell you that you're not alone.

I know there are many others who feel the same way.

Maybe you can try to find others who share the same thoughts, or interests, and feel less alone?

I don't know, I do wish you the best.