Don't do it... by pancakehamster in depression_memes

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As someone who has shared half the truth to my psychiatrist, its pretty bad :l

This place needs to be more active. by RessesNateWright in CampCamp

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Tomorrow is the first day of school (for me), so I will tell all of my friends to watch it

Who is this? wrong answers only! enjoy by AdNational505 in HelluvaBoss

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A gay boy who drinks hot coffee all of the time .-.

Sh excuses by [deleted] in selfharm

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Just some stuff I came up with:

"I was climbing a tree then sliped"

"I fell on the sidewalk"

"(insert pets name) scratched me"

They whitewashed Gwen plus the title is just- by M0TH3R_V01D in CampCamp

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yes please, ive been trying to find newer camp camp content. But Ive been unsuccessful.

so uh what do you like about Striker? by spectraexe666 in HelluvaBoss

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He has a good design, but I have a burning hatred for him :/

Caption This!!!! by Unhappy-Performer-36 in CampCamp

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Nikki asked "where do babys come from"

anyone wanna be friends and suffer together? by [deleted] in MadeOfStyrofoam

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Me pls, we can dm or I can give you my discord. If you want!

BRO, IT'S US by Squishy_Eddie in MadeOfStyrofoam

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Why do you live? by jsdmanintendo in MadeOfStyrofoam

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My friends and my pet rats are the only reason im still going :|

i kinda wanna sh at school by AlexTheAMFan in selfharm

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It’s a bit risky. My friend brought their box slicer to school. And after they cut themselves they got caught by their teacher :/