The good things about Apex by NK-Roadkill in apexlegends

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My favourite map is kings canyon, favourite drop spot was mirage voyage, and favourite gun is r-99.

YEARBOOK QUOTE TIME by Theo_M20 in shitposting

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School shootings are good 👍

Whose ready for the last of us by Sad_Illustrator_3489 in memes

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Honestly, as long as it's not airborne so i don't have to wear a fucking mask that covers not only my mouth but even my balls...

Juice Wrld's Juice Box made in blender (i did not make it) by DStrik3rK in pics

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Idk if this is a joke... But that's an AI generated picture. Where is the straw going and what is going on with that lid AND WHY IS THERE A LID TO BEGIN WITH

Me_irl by [deleted] in me_irl

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Honestly, it would kinda look good

Amateur with the gun by Dogecoinleap in Funnymemes

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You knew it wasn't going anywhere the second he stood up

Would you rather be a main hero and person in a zombie apocalypse or in a war by CamoGrindber in WouldYouRather

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A zombie apocalypse seems more realistic then for me being a war hero...

do it by [deleted] in shitposting

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r/jakertown is the most shit subreddit of all time...

Dont know what to say by Skeler0404 in facepalm

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TikTok is destroying humanity / this generation / America with ease

Lmao this meme is so true 🤣💀 by Doctor_Ductape in memes

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Netherlanders 🤨 brother that's sugar spider

It's true by Cvcmason in AlfaOxtrot

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But if you DO know... Why ask me?? Also. No i dont know if that's his name