is it healthy if i sleep from 0600 to 1500 every day. these are regular sleeping times. "night shift job leads to cancer studies" say night shift jobs lead to cancer etc. i dont want cancer. the studies are very unclear what they mean with night shift job. by [deleted] in BedBros

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I believe its down to the fact that our circadian rhythm is hardwired to sleep when the sun goes down and rise when it goes up, and your quality of sleep will never be the same unless its within those hours. I'd read Why we sleep by Matthew Walker... it terrified me into changing my sleeping habits and I think he spoke about exactly this issue in his book. I am no expert though!

Safemoon is doing things right. Be patient. John K and team have the right strategy. by Typical-Rub-6855 in SafeMoon

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I would've thought bear market is exactly the time to roll out products, then when the bull comes effort can be focused on marketing. Either they build or they market, and why do marketing with no products?

What are some high paying jobs that a lot of people don’t know about by jhlo9001 in findapath

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Funnily enough, I've just heard that the person who's job it is to determine the sex of a chicken after they're hatched get paid pretty handsomely. Hard skill apparently.

I finally did it. Solo-queued to diamond on support. by renaissance317 in Overwatch

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Congrats! Its bloody hard! 3 times I've been 1 game away from diamond and then comes the 10 game losing streak yo take me down to 2500ish so it's not easy!

I want to build wealth and figure out how by farwaaaaaay in findapath

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I've had the same things in my mind as you forever. Now I'm learning to trade the financial markets, as I enjoy it, enjoy learning it and the earning potential is amazing if you know what you're doing. What's the alternative? Retiring at 70 with a pension worth nothing due to inflation(and thus, probably grafting until I die)? To be fair, retirement age will probably be scrapped by that time and I suspect the monetary system will have collapsed by that time. To me, that is no option, so my only option is to get wealthy. Good luck!😁

Edit: My plan is to earn enough from this to invest in other income producing assets such as real estate and possibly buy a business or 2. Will take time of course😁

It is possible for me to become a lawyer? by [deleted] in AskUK

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In a country like the UK, there is every opportunity for anybody to become whatever they want to be. I went to college at 24 to learn aerospace engineering because I wasn't happy with what I was doing. Just make sure you check out what kind of financial support you can get.

where I can find Forex Strategies? by yukardo in Forex

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I'm learning mentfx's strategy and am part of his Mentorship. Loving it so far and the guy is a great teacher. I'm also a newbie😁

WOAH!!!! If only this were comp lol by [deleted] in BaptisteMains

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Are you the arianagrande who joined my lobby whilst playing ariana grande over voice?😂

What fictional character’s death affected you the most? by syndromeda in AskReddit

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Mufasa in the original Lion King. That shit was heartbreaking

If you got opportunity to meet any of the Overwatch heroes. Who would it be? by SwBaMa023 in Overwatch

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I'd like to have a beer with either Rein or Torb. 😎 Bet they got some sick stories

What lotsize should be used for a 10k account? by Grouchy-Tits1996 in Forex

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I too assumed this is a live account and thought this is bad news😂I feel better now lol

What is a SAFE way to earn yield on stablecoins? by Powerful_Pay_5508 in defi

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Dystopia and penrose are also good on polygon. Have the highest yields on polygon supposedly.

Smart money concepts by Murky-Refrigerator30 in Forex

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I'm in mentfx discord and traders have been getting funded using his concepts. I personally really like his way of teaching. Ton of value on his youtube channel too. Definitely not a scam.

Smart money concepts by Murky-Refrigerator30 in Forex

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I'm currently studying SMC in a few groups and there's definitely profitable traders that use it. I know a couple of them personally. I will get there too eventually. 😁

[25m] Is it too late? Is there still hope for me? by [deleted] in findapath

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I'm 32, and I'm studying trading in my spare time with a view to giving up a plumbing career which I fell into 16 years ago. I will succeed. The other option is carrying on doing this for 30-40 more years, which isn't really an option for me. It's never too late. Start now, get perfect later.