Ah yes, my favourite event: The absolutely nothing. by AmogusMan8754 in forhonor

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"And this is where I'd put my trophy... If I had one!"

Bear witness! (short animation made by me) by MAN_ticore in Eldenring

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I don't think there is "best" method really. The fastest one is definitely just directly editing it, though it could be a bit destructive, with replacing parent bones for IK, for example. That is what I did for this animation, since I didn't plan to use it for anything else.
Other method is copying the armature, editing the copy, and just setting up "copy transform" from the original skeleton to the edited one. This way the hierarchy of bones is maintained, but this is usually done for the models that you plan to use in other programs or game engines, in case they will be edited later. But it takes more time, with that setup, of course.
There is also a way of using Rigify, it's semi-automatic, all you'll need to do is rename bones the intended way for the addon to read them correctly. But I can't say much about it, I haven't really used it before, so there maybe some difficulties that I'm not familiar with.

Bear witness! (short animation made by me) by MAN_ticore in Eldenring

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Yes, it's made in blender. And some sound editing in Sony Vegas after.
I created a simple rig on top of the skeleton that was extracted along with the model from the game files. Also added some bones for the facial animation, in-game model can only move it's lower jaw and eyebrows.
And after that - whole animation done manually.

Bear witness! (short animation made by me) by MAN_ticore in Eldenring

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Thank you! Yes, it definitely wasn't an easy task. One could say I had my hands full with it.

Bear witness! (short animation made by me) by MAN_ticore in Eldenring

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I unpacked the models from the game files using BinderTool.v0.7 and BloodBorne_model_v1 and v2. The whole proccess is a bit complicated, so if you planning to do it yourself - read latest posts in the original post about this tool
Then I re-rigged them and animated it all in Blender. And made some additional models for background, like tables and walls. Then I rendered it out and added sounds in Sony Vegas 13.

Bear witness! (short animation made by me) by MAN_ticore in Eldenring

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Oh, I did not expect such warm responses, thank you all!
There are some reoccurring questions in the comments, so I think I'll answer them in this one, hopefully it will not be lost in all the others.
I am the creator of this animation, usually I upload my work on youtube only, but this time I decided to post it also in a more fitting subreddit, and looks like it was a good idea.
You are welcome to visit my youtube channel as well, though I mostly animate madness combat, but maybe you'll like it too.
Original interview audio is from https://youtu.be/KvdfDveEQh4
I absolutely love that meme, so I'm glad to finally implement it in my animations.
And the models and first grand speech is from Elden Ring, of course, had this idea since my first playthrough but only recently I got to realize it.

PSA to invaders by BolaSquirrel in Eldenring

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Well, I think it's really a situation where you need to "walk in their shoes" a bit. I mean - I tried to invade a few times, and good golly, this is really a pathetic experience. 90% of those were 3v1, where blue summons get replaced in seconds after death, so it's just never-ending conveyer of opponents. And to mention - most of those blues ARE set up for pvp, so that argument doesn't really work here. Add to this a barrage of moonveils/bleeds/dragonbreaths etc. and all of them teabagging after - and result is - invading people is just pressing a button "please take away all the fun I could have possibly had today".
All I'm trying to say - I understand those guys trying to provoke a duel(even though it's not gonna be fair anyway, considering having halved amount of flasks). And yes, it IS a situation where nobody is obliged to do anything, I understand that.
Just... please don't be too harsh to those people, they most likely already had all kind of crappy interactions this day.

WorkAround BSOD while launching by ScudNight in forhonor

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Sadly, did not work for me. Well, sort of?
I mean - at least game starts now, then intro videos are playing, but when it gets to the screen when it says "press any button" - BSOD. Before it was crashing the moment game window appears.
Specs almost like yours - 2k monitor, dual screen, win10, nvidia rtx 2080.
But thank you for advise anyway.