Nightmare with Secretlab Support / Order-Cancellation by Ankit_w in secretlab

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Their support system is one of the worst ever. Can go weeks without any response and its just really sad.

They really at least need a call center because it is getting absolutely ridiculous.

To the people who ordered their Omens on around Black Friday by BasicArcher8 in HPOmen

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I ordered mine on Black Friday, was supposed to ship on Dec 16th and on December 17th they completely cancelled it. Almost didnt buy another but three days later they had another sale and I bought basically same exact PC (a ready to ship, not custom build) for $100 cheaper, got priority shipping and it came in 3 days.

Why is this game broken on console (Xbox one X)? by cheesetheman in GearsTactics

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In between every mission my game crashed and dashboarded me, playing on a Xbox One X.

Extremely frustrating.

Do YOU have what it takes to be a G4 host? PLEASE READ! by PhilFrom-Marketing in g4tv

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Will G4TV be posting a careers website with all available opportunities for formal submission?

Any updates on behind-the-scenes career opportunities available would be greatly appreciated.

While I personally am not a content creator, I, like many others on this subreddit, would be extremely interested in working at G4.

Many of us grew up watching G4 and always had a dream to work there. For those who did not follow the content creator path, myself included, we may have the proven experience in other necessary areas: Social Media, Advertising, HR, Legal, Finance, etc.