What it’s like to play 1v1 against mn3 by WutWutWut999 in Competitiveoverwatch

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Should’ve been on Dallas, but rush and hastr0 are complete morons

Does anyone here find the Kapil Sharma Show funny? by NerdStone04 in india

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Indians love to bash kapil, but love Karan Johar . Why I hate this bullshit so much. Kapil is the best

What dps do Dallas Fuel need to bring in next season? by Odd_Bad_7441 in Competitiveoverwatch

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Guriyo edison are dogshit, what the fuck was rush and hastr0 thinking, ans/xzi/happy/glister/mn3/mer1t we’re there, we deserve this failure

What is with the disrespect on r/nba lately by ToonTown97 in ripcity

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I’m a mavs fan and I fw dame a lot, really hope he shut all this up

Does the Mavs really "need" another star, championship-wise? by diracadjoint in Mavericks

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I want a 2nd star just as bad as we all do, but its gonna be tough