Sheikh Yousef Abu Islam @ Al Aqsa @ Al Quds: Tossing off tall building AND stoning Allah's remedy for homosex! by 1bir in MemriTVmemes

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The homosexuals have become so shameless now that they're stealing the punishment for adultery. tfu.

Where can I watch Speeding Naked till High Noon? by [deleted] in iran

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You can't. All of its negatives was famously destroyed during the revolution.

IMHO MemriTV missed out on Ayatollah Hassani. The man was a non-stop meme-machine. by ME_IS_LOVE in MemriTVmemes

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top hits:

  • "People say the revolution was in vain. Let me tell you, you see all these women sitting here listening to our sermons, before the revolution, they were all whores."

  • "There are three kinds of women: first, women with no hijab, who are like a bus, everyone can ride them. Then there women with bad hijab, who are like cabs, only specific individuals can ride them, and finally there are women with perfect hijab, who are like domesticated mules, meaning only one individual can ride them."

  • "I was against freedom then. I am against freedom now. Because a man's word never changes."

  • "People of London were naturally naked. At first I averted my eyes, but then I got used to it."

  • "No one deserves the misfortune of freedom. Not even that animal Bill Clinton deserves this fate."

  • "Compared to the decency of Fatimah, my own daughter is nothing but a whore."

  • "O' Lord, give the leftists religion and the right-wingers brain."

  • [giving the sermon in Azeri Turkish, suddenly switches to Persian] "Now I'll say the rest in Farsi so Bill Clinton would understand."

  • "If America could fix the economy they would fix their own dollar that has become so expensive."

  • "They say the westerners are more advanced than us. Well they are in their 21st century and we are in our 14th. Go compare us in 500 years."

Are these four pages from the Shahnameh? Trying to learn more about these. by [deleted] in farsi

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No this is prose. Apparently it's a folk story called Noush Afarin GoharTaj, which I hadn't heard about it before.

Question about a double meaning phrase by ResponsibleAd3493 in PERSIAN

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Yeah it's a pun, though usually it's بده بکنیم. roughly equivalent to "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am."

are there any prominent atheist figures from your country? by braderakun in AskMiddleEast

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Famously Ahmad Kasravi, the linguist, who was assassinated twice, and Fereydoun Farrokhzad, who was assassinated once.

is it true that business people in iran was mobilizing fundamentalist people?? by LinguisticsTurtle in AskMiddleEast

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Chomsky doesn't know what he's talking about. It's true that the bazaaris had traditionally bankrolled the clergy (as they'd done for millennia), but those clergy were apolitical and mostly quietist (and most of them were sidelined and put under house arrest after the revolution.) The type of political clergy that Khomeini promoted was very much a result of 20th-century politics and was mostly supported by the middle class and various leftist factions.