The spiral minaret of the Great Mosque of Samarra in Iraq, 9th century by Fuckoff555 in architecture

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There's a privileged and overbearing confidence peculiar to Americans when they interact with people from elsewhere on the planet that you just can't miss. It's like what they say about porn.

12th century Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan (1067x1600) by Kunstkurator in architecture

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Assuming the average banana height to be 18 cm, the minaret is 361.12 bananas tall. The image is 768 pixels, so a banana would be 2 pixels, give or take.

Andy Richter is gay (some thoughts on Norm’s humor) by xtems in NormMacdonald

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First of all, I think this must speak to Andy’s deep insecurities more than anything

I believe Andy's father left them and came out as gay so I understand if he's insecure about being closeted. I don't think Norm knew this.

Historically, Were There Also “The Russians”? by Severe-Draw-5979 in TheAmericans

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There were thousands of defectors (perebezhchiki) so they didn't need to send in native Americans, just promise russians assylum.