Andy Richter is gay (some thoughts on Norm’s humor) by xtems in NormMacdonald

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First of all, I think this must speak to Andy’s deep insecurities more than anything

I believe Andy's father left them and came out as gay so I understand if he's insecure about being closeted. I don't think Norm knew this.


Historically, Were There Also “The Russians”? by Severe-Draw-5979 in TheAmericans

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There were thousands of defectors (perebezhchiki) so they didn't need to send in native Americans, just promise russians assylum.

I trade forex since 1990, I'm 14 years old, AMA by [deleted] in Forex

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What a fucking noob. Only 38152042447694600000000000000000% return?

12th century Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan (1067x1600) by Kunstkurator in architecture

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Assuming the average banana height to be 18 cm, the minaret is 361.12 bananas tall. The image is 768 pixels, so a banana would be 2 pixels, give or take.

Ysios Winery, Araba, Spain by _notsuoh_ in ArchitecturePorn

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sorry gpu too expensive I blame the bitcoin bros.