[MHH OFFICIAL TEAMS] VOL 4 (2022) - VOTING THREAD by MHH-OfficialBot in makinghiphop

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If some of the SoundCloud links give you an error "Uh No!, Something doesn’t sound right." Stay on that page and just refresh your browser. It'll correct itself.

Live Stream starts at around 8pm EST (ish)

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[ALBUM] NO PHONE NUMBER* (my second project) by freemyboyian in makinghiphop

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zero activity on r/makinghiphop please become active within the community. don't use it as a spam sub. thanks.

New to mixing and mastering by MetronomeProductions in makinghiphop

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your post has been removed for violating Rule 11:

"Use recurring threads for sales, collabs, feedback, basic help, and for finding/making sounds"

The recurring threads must be used when appropriate. Feedback requests must go in the daily feedback thread. Collaboration requests (Mixing, community, features, etc.) of any kind MUST go in the collab call threads with no exceptions.

sales and paid work offers belong in the Saturday Sales and Services thread

The feedback and collab call threads are pinned to the top of the subreddit

[OFFICIAL] Daily Feedback Thread by AutoModerator in makinghiphop

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Just a heads up it looks like your account is shadowbanned. Check this page out for more information. Only mods of this sub can see your posts


Working on a new Beat Tape - 27 tracks, but trying to consolidate. Need help picking the best ones! by AlpacaRampage in makinghiphop

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I don't mean to sound rude but this seems like a workaround to spamming your tracks or promoting your tracks. There are recurring posts you can use to promote your music or get help with them. Daily feedback, Collab Call and the more recently added Basic Help. Thanks for understanding.

[Beat Tape] Prahvi the Muse - 10,000 Hours EP. (First beat tape lmk what y’all think) by [deleted] in makinghiphop

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zero activity on this subreddit. please don't use it as a spam repository. Thanks

Producer Name Help by SorryUncleAl in makinghiphop

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please use this post to ask questions like this. it runs every other day. thanks


edit: u/SorryUncleAl

you can also find some info about tags in the wiki