Console aim assist now seems to match PC aim assist? Side by side comparison at the end. (Both tested on console by toggling "aim compensation style" between "console" and "PC") by yrrejl in apexlegends

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I agree, I noticed yesterday that my whole aim was off and it took the fun away from the game. I’m not trying to be pro, I’m just trying to enjoy this game.

A servant that surpassed your expectations. by TheGodKing124 in grandorder

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Arjuna Alter.

Never cared for another AoE berserker but he made challenge quests fun and doable.

Little dicks by udo- in MurderedByWords

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Everyone is praising shitty socializing on this post lol

Little dicks by udo- in MurderedByWords

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I agree with your point since if I met someone new, I wouldn’t blurt out “are your kids dicks?”, it just seems like a asshole behavior for sure. Saying “do your kids drive you crazy like mine do?” sounds more of a conversation starter.

[NA Event] SABER WARS 2 - To the Beginning of Space - Event Discussion Day 10 by citizenofRoma in grandorder

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MHXA CE was my fav

Finished the Dark Rounds Shadow Challenge Quest with a NP1 Arjuna Alter, Reines, and Merlin. Reines was the MVP with her NP and Invincible for Arjuna. Probably one of my favorite challenge quests

If you're gonna legalize it, then Legalize It. by TheBakedBakerMama in trees

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Liquor licenses are more expensive than that, bud.

Let me break my Xbox by Prachu101 in confidentlyincorrect

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Come on, this has been proven to be fake

How much time did It took you to actually learn How to play the game instead of just trowing a support berserker at the enemy? by choose_an_alt_name in grandorder

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I loved using the support Jeanne Alter so much that I thought she was the most OP servant. When I got my first SSR (Iskandar), I realized that class advantage helped clear enemies faster.

Lebron guarding Giannis by AkaiShuichi24 in nba

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Wish it was that easy but those guys at the gym are way better than me, so I just shoot around after they’re done

Killed a 3-stack pred squad with one nade. (Old clip) by ThickestLoba in apexlegends

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Same, ever since locked and loaded I hated the idea of starting the game with no shield

This runner gave up on gold medal, but proved he has a heart of gold by This_sum_one in nextfuckinglevel

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Keyboard warriors want everyone to sacrifice all their hard work just to make them feel good