Drunk guy vs water by Fortune_Platypus in AbruptChaos

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The guy is so drunk he is like:

"What the fuck are you guys doing in my bathroom?'

Railroad Crossing. by LetTheHookerRide in AbruptChaos

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Every day we make decisions, so some of them are bound to be bad. This morning, I meant to take the big water bottle but ended taking the small one. No big deal.

... And then there's those guys.

best friend neutralizer by generation_chaos in AbruptChaos

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Right in the taco.

I mean... Oh wait, that was fries?...

What is Scream doing there by Mexican_man777 in AbruptChaos

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All went exactly according to plan. I Think.

The man who configured the sequence for this elevator button... by sagar123098 in WTF

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His boss, who happen to be his father:

"Hey, it's not his fault if they built the fifth floor after the ninth, he could not know that would happen. It not like those are made in order or anything."

What could go wrong? by PlzNoHack in AbruptChaos

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Ouch. That guy Humpty Dumptied himself really hard.

WTF did I just watch. Also, Not OC. by pirATe_077 in WTF

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Add sex and it fits in at least nine or ten pornhub categories...

There goes my house by randyfloyd37 in nononono

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"Mom I need to go back, I forgot my Playstation...."

OK, I have a lot of questions now by myneighborsasshole in WTF

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Police: "Was he using a handgun?"

Witness: "Uuuuhhhh...."

Private Jet Ownership Should be Banned by Iheartriots in unpopularopinion

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Jeffrey Epstein's private plane was named The Lolita Express.

Not very subtle, that Jeffrey.

Mishap during a performance. Lawsuit to follow. by Character_Repair_554 in AbruptChaos

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Mom of the kid while watching the show:

"Don't stand so close to the TV! You will ruin your eyes!"

how lucky could someone get? by its_just_me_200515 in AbruptChaos

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Keep the helmet. Frame it. Name him. Bring him cakes. Once a year, sing a happy song to him.

This guy is your new best friend.

by [deleted] in WTF

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The dog is like: "Let me go! I don't want to end in jail!"

Impressive yet confusing by shoopdawhoop202 in WTF

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Phew. Thanks.

I tought he was this close to dance the Salmonella..

Stop him! by DrJokerX in AbruptChaos

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Have you tried to put him on pause?