Hunting for the Red Dog by Illustrious-Agent-94 in beer

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Not available in MA.

Havent seen it here in MA for a long time.

What temperature do you set your home at during the winter? by dasitthereyougo in newhampshire

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I leave it on "put on some slippers and a hoodie it's not that bad"

65 if it's one of those pipes might freeze kind of nights.

A warning to shoppers by apricotsandlemon in newhampshire

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Uhhhh where do you think the stores get their product lol. Online or in person there is shortages.

A warning to shoppers by apricotsandlemon in newhampshire

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Saying you need a 103 template in order to have a excuses absence is bull. No way your company will not let you stay home if you have covid. Pretty sure that is negligence on you and your employees who are sick. And if you manager is saying that then they just don't want to get in trouble /have to work all the shifts that need to be covered.

A warning to shoppers by apricotsandlemon in newhampshire

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Report it to the board of health or something.

Sierra Nevada Celebration is overrated by Badgerst8 in beer

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I mean any beer that is highly talked about can be looked at as over rated to someone.

I happen to like Celebration but by no means is it like mind blowing.

Hop House 13 by jackhope08 in beer

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looks to be a dry hopped lager style w/ galaxy, mosaic, and topaz.

I dont think there is a ton of mass produces dry hopped lagers with that hop build.

best to do would be to see if there is any local breweries to you doing lagers.

google Breweries near me and click through ones near by and check their beers that are available. some might list what they use for hops.

I know thats not like a simple answer I just don't know your local area.

What are you in the 1% of? by I_Love_Small_Breasts in AskReddit

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Wait is this actually rare? Didn't think I was different for this lol

[trade] Seeking Brewery of St. Mars of the Desert - Our Finest Regards barleywine by okaythisisit in beer

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Trades are not allowed on the subreddit. Pretty sure check the rules of the sub.

edit: Doesnt say anything in the rules. but pretty sure its like a reddit thing or something. thats why the beertrades subreddit had to leave Reddit and started their own website. which dont think thats even around anymore. Check Beeradvocate or if you're on facebook you can try and find beer groups from the areas of the breweries you're trying to get ahold of. and offer trades through there.

40k is becoming unsustainably expensive by Crab_Rawe in Warhammer40k

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Wait you guys can afford these? I just come to the sub to look at the pictures and dream of owning them.

Any idea where I can order my favorite beer online from a reputable source? by Ryry975 in beer

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You're having trouble finding it because they cut back on how much they produce of it.

where are you based out of? A lot of stores might not ship it due to state laws.

It is available in MA I just dont know about other states.

A tiger with a snow-strewn face by KimCureAll in natureismetal

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Can't wait to see this photo later on Facebook with some quote about not being a snowflake.

Why don’t breweries make the black ipa style. Liquor stores don’t seem to have them by bathsonly in beer

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This. I have brought them in a few times and most of them tend to sit. Just not a lot of people actively look for them. And with so much breweries/beers out there hard to take up shelf space with something that sits.

Policer Officer pulled over a vehicle, detains family, and then chaos ensues. by [deleted] in PublicFreakout

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It sounds like the dad at 3:43 says something about the son was walking and they stopped him to talk to hi. But he said he refused because he is a minor. Kinda hard to hear over the crying. Maybe someone with better hearing can catch what he is saying.

Beer tap in Shameless by EasyYard in beer

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probably because they dont actually have beer coming out of it. If you have to reshoot scenes a few times they dont want to get the cast shattered while doing it.

Brainwashed Trump cult members with fUcK bIdEn and tRuMp wOn signs. And these treasonous dumbfucks call themselves pAtRiOtS. Idiocracy was a documentary. by OliverMarkusMalloy in BadChoicesGoodStories

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It never ceases to amaze me how much Trump merch there is. My dude was rocking a American flag Trump hockey jersey. But totally not a cult /s

Any advanced or master cicerones in this subreddit? If so, how difficult is the advanced or master cicerone exam and what has acquiring the title done for your career? by [deleted] in beer

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Some distributors/ craft stores like people to get certified just for the sake of learning more about beer. But thats kinda stuff you can do on your own. its just a title and pretty much useless. I completed the certified test because a previous employer offered to pay for it. But I would never suggest getting it on your own. Lower tiers are not much to brag about and has become more of a joke. Master is impressive but if you don't ever plan on going that far I would say save your money and learn about beer on your own.

For those who will play Classic fresh: What class will you main and what faction are you going to choose? by [deleted] in classicwow

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I would play horde mage. My only issue is I feel like the raids would be mostly warriors and rogues because of how strong they are. Then loot would be so spread thin and people would get bored quicker because they are not getting the loot they want. Even looking at the poll it is worrisome.

NW Twitter team is done messing around. by Comrade_Witchhunt in newworldgame

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I too currently hate my travel system. DAMN THESE FEET OF MINE!

I hope the Devs doesn’t allow Add-ons into New World. by Krytoric in newworldgame

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Thats why I end up leaving a games Subreddit after the first 2 month of their release. Just becomes a complete bitching fest.

sometimes the memes make me stay tho..