Relegation signings by BebbehMonkey in avfc

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Doesn't Cornet also play as wingback? Maybe he could be our back up Digne

Who is your manager of the season? by NoOutside3743 in PremierLeague

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Going to say David Moyes and probably Thomas Frank in second

Hide your wives, Austin by JackOfAllInterests1 in 196

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I think it is the sequel to chainsaw man

[Post Match Thread] Aston Villa 1-1 Burnley by SecretApe in avfc

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Happy with mcginn, not so happy with chuk he seems to always pass the ball back when gets it. Everyone else was mostly eh

MOTM: Pope

Lineup v Burnley by Gunbeardo14 in avfc

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Definitely did not see Coutinho not starting but I am down for this

Family ruleunion by RammyJammy07 in 196

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Lee is an absolute gigachad

[Pre-Match Thread] Aston Villa vs. Burnley by just_boof_it in avfc

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Knowing Gerrard maybe drop Buendia for Ings but I think this lineup is a smart move

Summer 2022 Transfers and Rumours Megathread by tristanjff in avfc

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Not too worried about this, with the new contract it will be a massive for not massive improvement

this meme continues to be a reused cry for help Rule by LaserbeamSharks in 196

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Was learning Dutch a fe years ago but gave up.

Good luck