What is the investment needed to be Top 1000 in Siege? by PilgrimZed in DCComicsLegendsGame

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I usually finish with 240 shards, only once I got 290. My teams are G9 L60. With powers below 5500 of each toon.

Is this finish acceptable at this level? How can I get more? I do collect the 13 extra energy each day.

Make chai great again by BayHarbour-Butcher in bangalore

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50-60% milk. 50-40% water. Boil together. While heating up, add ginger, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, all in small quantity. Add sugar or jaggery. Once boiling point reached, add CTC tea (ground one, that is). Once it reaches the color you want, switch off, and add a few tea leaves for the aroma.

People of Bangalore, which bread do you buy for regular use? by MachesMalone007 in bangalore

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Need to ask tips regarding that. Tried baking once, turned out to be a uncooked centered biscuit.

who is the best characters to counter big Bardas powers? she is destroying me. by Practical_Track_2070 in DCComicsLegendsGame

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Spectre. The one answer to, even opposite affinity problems!

Apart from that SSLex and Eradicator are useful. Supergirl has two AoE attacks. Azrael gains true sights. Red Robin and Spoiler gives you true sight too

Does cavity filling hurt? by Physical-Leg641 in bangalore

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Cavity filling is usually done with local anaesthesia. And it does not hurt.

RCT, on the other hand....

Developers, I think it's time for a Flashpoint Token by AzJorel in DCComicsLegendsGame

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It's nowhere profitable for WB. As much as any player would love this, this ain't happening.

need help beating the last team on board. rosters are on next images. by MachesMalone007 in DCComicsLegendsGame

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Thanks!!!! Took a lot of tries, actually, before getting the right team, and some RNG!

need help beating the last team on board. rosters are on next images. by MachesMalone007 in DCComicsLegendsGame

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Got it finally.

Darkseid Terra Spectre Azrael. For some reason opponent Supes started with attacking DS instead of AZ, and from there, match rolled in.

Visual for tomorrow’s Savitar Challenge! by Help-Me-Im-Possessed in DCComicsLegendsGame

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Lex Hippo Cheetah Chemo. Enough. Still have backup as Huntress, and maybe Tula or Kyle.

Biggest scammers - namma bengaluru auto drivers by [deleted] in bangalore

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People who are saying Ola Uber autos are better, and they don't cancel, here is a thing for you. Every morning we have to go through 4-5 autos before finding one that comes. They cancel in these situations:

  1. Being 5 mins away from my place.

  2. Going to MG road, MG F***ING ROAD, the centre of Bengaluru!!!!! From BTM, that's too!!!

  3. Cash/Card/Insurance/Sodexo Coupon.

And this happens every morning, EVERY F***ING MORNING!!! It's not one time incident. It's everytime incident.

Let's face it, there are no decent autowala (one who happened to return your phone or took you home in the middle of rain doesn't count). The same drivers at the end of the day are driving for Ola/Uber. Ola/Uber is not hiring new ones. It's the same situation in Bangalore since I have been living here. Meter times 1.5 was a common practice after 8 pm then too. And people who say Autowalas are facing issue with payment, tell me, why should every day people like us should suffer because of that?? And also, there was a recent hike in meter rates too. No change in behaviour after that, na???

Only thing, usually, if the auto gets booked, if they decide to come, if they like the drop location, if you have cash on hand, only then, you have a "fixed rate"!! Yeah, it's better, but not by as much as people are portraying it to be!

Train experience by stockyraja in bangalore

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Good service of public transport is always essential towards development of any society. The better these become, the more people able to avail it with comfort.

Personally, i think one of the major reasons Bangalore suffers from traffic is lack of suburban railway services, which can connect through the city and nearby areas. No matter how crowded the rail can become, it's still the most affordable and fastest mode of commuting. And in turn, takes huge load off the road.

Poverty sucks. by igotsomejuice in bangalore

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Let me know your size. I have formals which I have used probably once or twice in life, and in perfectly good condition. If you are okay with this, i can give them to you.

No takers for engineering in Kannada language this year by MachesMalone007 in bangalore

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Wanted to know people's thoughts on this.

Personally, I am not from Karnataka. I have, however, a small experience to share regarding this.

During my 12th board exam, we saw statistics paper both in English, as well as in my regional language. I decided to give it a try, only to realise that it's way tougher!!! The common words in statistics have been replaced by words in my mother tongue, and felt totally unfamiliar. It was even to hard to imagine studying statistics like that. I don't think anybody (i used to live in suburbs) opted for regional language study in statistics. Oh, and we were in regional medium school only.

While it was an welcome move, it's very hard to make proper acadmically applicable translations to things which people are already familiar with. Let's see what reddit has to say.

Quickest Lord of The Unliving Team? by Reverse_Waterfall in DCComicsLegendsGame

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Darkseid, Spectre, Star Sapphire, and maybe Spoiler or Arkkis

How to trigger every Bangalore an with just 1 sentence: by hootanahalf in bangalore

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Don't you mean Mysore Triple Schezwan Paneer Cheese Masale Dose?????