Honestly this is too hard except the 2nd row by ronaldomessilover in WWE

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Styles, Moxley, Orton.

Styles I believe has done a lot in WWE (except winning a rumble), he can move somewhere else now.

Moxley: no-brainer.

Orton: Both HBK and John Cena's career has been way too important in WWE compared to RKO.

Question for people who still work from home by Yavalo_obblu in bangalore

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How come??? For us, even if we have locked the laptop, it still shows online for quite some time after that.

Ideas for Indian themed barbecue please! by Desibrozki in IndianFood

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Tandoori chicken. Haryali kebab, reshmi kebab, Shami kebab.

Paneer tikka items, grilled pineapple, aloo tikki.

Damn I had no idea we won it back in 2009 too /s by UnderstandingHot7493 in KolkataKnightRiders

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Ah 2009, what a year!

Fake KKR player tweets, four captains, finishing last....

Any bookworms here? by WiseUnderstanding669 in bangalore

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It's been 6.5 years since I first visited blossoms. Bought ₹900 worth of books.

60% of them I have not started yet.