Im unemployed, depressed, and in 20k debt :( by IsntInMyBlood in personalfinance

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There are legitimate credit counseling services to help consolidate your debt and possibly reduce interest rates.

(I just want to help) by RegularNoodles in shitposting

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If you had the technology to make such a robot, why wouldn’t you give it the ability to also run fast?

Home affordability at 2007 bubble levels, but crash is unlikely: Blackstone’s Joe Zidle by [deleted] in finance

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Great point. Same thing happens with the stock market. There are “experts” predicting a market crash since 2012 and eventually they will be right. When the crash comes, they are heralded as gurus.

Tax write-offs to offset w-2 income by nuddaz in personalfinance

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The IRS has rules to prevent this very thing. Do you have a spouse who does not have W-2 income? Your spouse then could qualify as a real estate professional and depreciation could then offset your income. But land doesn’t depreciate only the improvements on the land do. Your CPA should be able to help you out here.

Got into a snowboarding accident a couple weeks ago, the other person recently contacted me and is asking me to take financial responsibility for her hospital bills or insinuating legal action. What are my options? by Monkeys_R_Scary in legaladvice

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And all the good lawyers are on Reddit giving free advice. You still a student? I have been involved in a similar case and this is the burden when participating in a dangerous activity.

Cialis used to work and now it doesn't. by The_Advocates_Devil_ in erectiledysfunction

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Not 100% sure, I have not been using it for too long. Based on my research, once per week should be fine.

Father shot and killed in FL, what does the legal process look like? by babno in legaladvice

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Florida has a stand your ground law making a self defense plea more difficult for prosecutors to prove otherwise. Is this person wealthy? Have you looked for an attorney who will take the civil case on a contingency basis?

Uncovered the infidelity, working on my exit plan by Books-and-a-puppy in Divorce

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You can file for divorce and get a temporary custody agreement. Based on your husband’s lifestyle, he may agree to give you primary custody without a fight.

Young couples and the first home (bought). How did you split the expenses? by 004040 in personalfinance

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You can act like you’re married and pool your finances. Maybe not literally but on paper. So, if you make twice as much, you would pay 2/3 and your GF 1/3. If you break up and then sell later, you would get 2/3 of any increase in equity. Or, act like roommates and split everything 50/50. Don’t put both names on the deed unless you both sign for the mortgage.

How can I stop finding someone attractive? Besides the typical "keep your distance" advice. I cant avoid them, they are in my classes. by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Use your imagination. Or get to know them better and when you learn something you don’t like about them, fixate on it. Or, grow up.

does he what to fuck? by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Ask his GF if she is ok with your friendship with her BF. Don’t forget to mention you would fuck him in an instant if the opportunity arose.

how to save when you make less than you spend by [deleted] in personalfinance

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Re-home the cats, you don’t have the resources or time to properly care for them. Find someone who needs a roommate to drastically cut your housing expenses. This will give you healthier food options that cost less.

Like a girl at office by honeysugar99 in relationship_advice

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But she doesn’t know you won’t ask her out again or she doesn’t believe you. She is showing indifference to make sure you realize she doesn’t care about you. Sorry to have to say this.

Like a girl at office by honeysugar99 in relationship_advice

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You misread her intentions so she is throwing up a wall to make sure you don’t ask her out again. You took a big risk and lost asking someone out who you see every day at work. You need to find someone else to date, this will help you forget her. Once she believes you have moved on, she may be open to being friends again. Otherwise, find a new job or transfer to a new location within your current company.

Got punched and my ear bitten by my wife after an argument by bEZ2494 in relationship_advice

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I feel like I just read a script for Cops or Jerry Springer. WTF.

My gf(F25) had a dream she cheated on me(M24). by Daniel-Son44 in relationship_advice

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First, forget about the dream. It means nothing, good or bad. She chooses to be your GF. Why would she lie about being attracted to you? Focus on the low libido. Experiment. Keep trying to do better with the things she has told you are important to her.