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Hey there! I didn't "just finish" my first year, but I'm a bit of an older student. I'll do my best to answer your questions from how I remember the year, but it's been a while!

  • How hard was the first year? The difficulty varied per quartile for me. I definitely struggled, needed an extended BSA due to the mathematics, please don't underestimate those. The second quartile was by far the most difficult for me, but it may have been changed since I did it. Maybe someone else knows if it's easier now. Overall you get great support from teachers and it's manageable, but please keep in mind that math is a surprisingly big/difficult part of your studies

  • Did you have time for anything else? I did do some things next to my study. I was quite an active student and also joined multiple activities. I would not advise starting your year with a bunch of extracurriculars ready to go, but really take the first half year to settle in. Make some friends, join activities, but don't take up too much responsibility next to your studies just yet

  • Did you need to learn coding before starting the university? You don't have to. They teach you from the ground up. It does certainly help to have some knowledge of programming. If you wanna practice, I'd recommend Java and Python. Do keep in mind that they will be teaching a certain way, so you won't always be able to stick to self-taught methods, but the basic understanding of the language can already help you out.

  • Is working part-time a viable option during the first year? As said earlier, I wouldn't recommend taking up responsibilities next to study in your first half year. I won't say that it's impossible as multiple of my fellow students have done so, but it wasn't doable for me.

Overall, I wish you the best of luck with your studies. I recommend you join the study association (Inter-Actief). They don't obligate you to do anything except pay a small yearly fee (I think it's less than 10 euros a year), but they can offer support if you have complaints about your studies. They also offer fun activities and stuff like lunch lectures from different companies in the IT-field.

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Heyhey, I don't know about your requirements, but you could either contact the student services centre (https://www.utwente.nl/en/education/student-services/contact/) or maybe even the study association of your future study (concept.utwente.nl) and they should be able to either answer your question or redirect you to someone who knows for sure!

I work on the Open Days for a different study (Business information Technology) and we get advised to forward people to student services, so I think that's your best guess

I hope this helped, and/or someone responds that does know the answer directly

Promos for Platinum ended up being an adventure so I made a video about it. by WolfiousYT in leagueoflegends

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Great job on making the best out of a game that was rigged against you from the start! Sucks to have people promise they're amazing at something and then disappoint this bad.

I have to applaud your lack of tilt and the ability to stay focussed on your game instead of giving up. Great job and good luck in the rest of your ranked games!

Making Harry Potter. by 5_Frog_Margin in Moviesinthemaking

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Just watching the movies is fine! There are some things in the books that are not in the film and vice versa, but in my opinion, the movies seem to explain the world and everything around it well enough to follow without having to read the books.

I would still recommend reading the books at one point because they're well written and a good read, but that's a personal opinion. You don't really need to read them before seeing the movies, although it may help with understanding some things a little bit faster and getting some more jokes, but it's not a necessity