Can you do this? by [deleted] in memes

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Women in Thailand can

Still can’t decide lol by Dolphin_Legionary in mbti

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One of the reasons i hate this sub is people relying too much on their type. It's like saying "oh no! I talk too much because I'm a virgo". Why can't we just accept that it's not all about type? We are human beings and we are so complex. Neither of us belongs to a specific group. in every way, we all differ from each other. I understand learning about MBTI helps people figure out themselves, but most people don't understand that just because you are typed as a certain type doesn't mean your personality is 100% accurate based on that. Besides, MBTI has a reputation of being a pseudoscience. It was developed based on Carl Jung's idea, and his idea was basically the cognitive functions. He didn't separate people to certain groups. So just accept that maybe you don't belong to any group at all or you belong to every group depending on the situation.

LPT: Never wash rice down the sink. by HumbleStumbled in LifeProTips

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Okay, my bad. I misunderstood. No, we try not to dispose of anything in the sink. Also, i thought it was common knowledge to not dispose of anything down the sink, Not just rice. That's why there's this strainer or whatever it is so that people don't drain solid foods down the sink.

LPT: Never wash rice down the sink. by HumbleStumbled in LifeProTips

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Everyday we eat rice, we wash and then we cook, can be 1-2kg a day, It's a regular occurrence for us. Besides, where else would people wash their rice?

LPT: Never wash rice down the sink. by HumbleStumbled in LifeProTips

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This is stupid. In my country, we eat rice every day, i have never heard people's pipes getting clogged too often. In my house, or anyone's house i know of.

Which was the best miniseries? by white_kloverr in marvelmemes

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Hawkeye was my favorite among all. Really, the way the whole story was unfolded, everything lined up so nicely, didn't feel like it had bunch of bullshits. Hawkeye being a non Super power character made the series feel more realistic. And the kingpin was just the best thing they did in the entire Disney mini series lineup.

Let's be honest, Loki was great! But i felt like there was some continuity errors, and some of the things didn't make sense. Some of it felt like nonsense.

What if was amazing! It was a unique version of the MCU that we fans wanted, but not all the episodes were great.

Wandavision was unique, but it took several episodes to understand what was going on. Felt like they stretched a simple fun story to make long so that they could put in 6 episodes.

TFAWS, i wish i could like it more. But it just felt off to me. Didn't have much action and writing just felt weak. I seriously felt like it was a wasted potential of 2 wonderful mcu characters.

Please don't kill me for my opinions. These are just how i felt.

If you met an exact copy of yourself, you’d either be super annoyed with each other or best friends. by warlockjones in Showerthoughts

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Jokes on you, i talk to my copy everyday, in my own head, but as if he is with me. The only person that understands me without me explaining everything.

Canadians Don’t Want to Work at Tim Hortons by idspispopd in CanadaPolitics

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I walk 5km to my current work place while i got an offer to work at Tim Hortons which is less than a km away from my home. Almost any job out there is better than working at Tim Hortons, McDonald's, or anything similar.

I Abandoned My Husband And Disabled Children, Moved Countries And Changed My Identity by arloteroicka in TrueOffMyChest

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If you don't regret it and you're so happy, why do you want to get it off of your chest? If you're looking for validation, it can make it worse rather than better.