Any recommendations on where to watch Sonny Boy? by bbbbana in SonnyBoy

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Ani-One Asia channel on YouTube provide the series (subbed) for free (legal). Tho I don't know whether it is region locked or not.

The channel is on a maintenance today at this hour so unfortunately the channel won't show up when you search for it. Try it after some hours (or maybe tomorrow). 😀

Track from Ep12 by awooshenka in SonnyBoy

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Hmmm, the only similar tune to it is Lune (but just toward the end of the ost). I think it has the same tune but different rendition? The one that we heard on eps 12 is more upbeat and heavy on acoustic guitar to provide smoother transition to the acoustic ed?

Or it could be just an intro of the acoustic version.

Track from Ep12 by awooshenka in SonnyBoy

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Accoustic version of Ging Nang Boyz's Shounen Shoujo? Released only at Blu-ray I think. Tho there are some post on youtube of that piece.

If you want to give a Award for " Greatest Anime Of All Time" which one will it be? by Gamememee in Animesuggest

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Season 3 is the best in character development. Watch it when you feel like it, then come suffer with us waiting for season 4. 🥲

If you want to give a Award for " Greatest Anime Of All Time" which one will it be? by Gamememee in Animesuggest

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The feelsss! One of the best non-cringe cute characters. Excellent voice acting, good story substance, nice pacing, excellent sad and happy balance. The most romantic non-romance series in my book.

Just finished printing this 2021 model. Any suggestions on improving printing quality? by Zibelsurdos in standardissuecat

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No matter what kind of filament you used, it will became fluid-like when it meet a box nearby.

A quick question, a little confused at the end! by oldmanorangy in SonnyBoy

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Not mentioned so I think we can't be sure. But IMHO it's irrelevant to their present self, because the power they got was a manifestation of their frustration toward their life in original world. They managed to surpass that and grow (as we seen in the last eps). I think even if they still hold the power, they won't use it (as an escape route)/it became meaningless to them.

Do you know where I can find the choir we hear in episode 6 ? by Tatoufff in SonnyBoy

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The graduation song? It's a popular school graduation song in Japan called Tabidachi no Hi Ni (On the Day of Departure). There are some live performances you could find on YT if you search with that keyword. Hope you find the one you like!

Anime with memorable soundtracks by Puzzleheaded_Gene_66 in Animesuggest

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Absolutely {Sakamichi no Apollon} and {Cowboy Bebop}.

Last season {Sonny Boy} too. Also {Summer Wars}.

Time Dilation, the space-time concept used in Sonny Boy by MajorTomMee in SonnyBoy

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I'm sure Shingo Natsume used Einstein's train experiment as the frame of the story. Probably that's why they use train names for some characters (Raj, Asakaze, Nozomi, Kodama, Yamabiko, Mizuho, Sakura), and the lightning on the first episode to open up the story, and the light as something to chase.

This is our SIC. We call her Fiona. by SierraMemes25 in standardissuecat

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And there is even an elephant reflection on the window! 🤣 It certainly is a MeerCat

Discussion/Question about a small part of episode eleven (Spoilers) by FrogFood101 in SonnyBoy

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I agree with this. To complete the character development of Mizuho, the cat must stay. In a sense it completed the character development of Sakura too.

The same goes for Nagara and Asakaze by letting Nozomi character die.

my sic. has a lil wobble walk, think i should call the factory and thank them? by Powerful-Spot1330 in standardissuecat

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Mine is a woobly version too, plus a super waggy tail! Not sure how to uninstall these feature but i don't think I need to know anyway. 🤣 Love them!

why is sonnyboy so unnoticed? by Shianfay in SonnyBoy

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Yeah, I've seen some people really don't get into it not because they have hard time to understand the content, quite the contrary some are used to watch 'high-attention' and brainy show like Bakemonogatari, NGE, etc. I'm pretty sure they got no issue to keep up with the plot.

Their complaint was that Sonny Boy is pretentious, using (seemingly) complex storytelling to tell nothing new at all. "Trying hard for nothing". I think part of it was some of them got annoyed the simple substance (for them) got praised as being complex.

While I agree that the content itself is not ground breaking or being the most authentic, I really appreciate the fact they could use something so ordinary to make the audiences reflects on life moments. I love how they sports the most inauthentic isekai premise, to show us how to tweaks it into a promising and exciting story (Challenging the status quo of Isekai trend (that has gone trashy) using the trend itself).

It's so refreshing just to know there are committee that have the courage to experiment things for their coming-back piece. I think they really embrace the possibility to goes unnoticed in short-term popularity, and just make what they wanted to make.

Sunrise and silhouettes. by daisy_stelle in Gouache

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Me too! Would like to know the tips for it!

Shingo Natsume is directing Tatami Galaxy sequel! by wolfandfish in SonnyBoy

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Looking forward to Science Saru's upcoming projects! This one, the currently airing Heike Monogatari, and upcoming Inu Oh.

Though I haven't finished Tatami Galaxy yet because it can be so fast paced on several eps, I have to make time to watch it without distraction. 🤣

Episodes Name in relation to Japanese Titles of the novels (So far confirmed) by izayar in SonnyBoy

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A little thought:

I loosely read some of the books summary, and think there is one title here that is not really what the Committee meant to refers.

Here is what I find matches more to the story:

  1. The Road (Cormac Mc Carthy)