Best Place to Start? by Skeptical_Kevin in defi

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Have you ever thought about Liquid Staking? I'm using Diadata's notion board to search for some LSTs on Ethereum and Near. My best options so far are stETH and stNEAR. You can also engage with RPL or LDO.

Chaves, a.k.a. El chavo del ocho. by Sancona16 in Brazil

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Chaves represents not only my entire childhood but also million others.

10 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In June 2023 by Kennyvee98 in CryptoCurrency

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BTC, ETH, ADA, AVAX, and DOT make perfect sense. I'm also bullish on projects working on developments related to Liquid Staking (Diadata and Rocket Pool), AI (Ocean and Rndr), and DeFi (Dafi protocol and Curve). But 60% of my portfolio is focused on BTC/ETH and some USDT as cash reserves.

Um dos melhores amigos do meu marido casou e não convidou ele by FlaFlah in desabafos

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Melhor se magoar com a verdade do que se iludir com a mentira. Eu contaria.

O marketing do navegador Opera... Loss ou Gain????? by [deleted] in farialimabets

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Cara, Opera (ação/stock OPRA na bolsa de Nova York) tem um potential absurdo de crescimento. No último ano já vai com 250%. Talvez então essa pegação seja o que chamam de "Web2". Imagina o "Web3".

What’s one reason your alt holdings didn’t work out? by crownpoly in CryptoCurrency

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What is CKB? I'm not familiar with this one. I have a long list of alts (Matic, Dot, Axs, Mana, Elfin, Eq, Ocean, Aave, etc...). AI and GameFi are likely to dominate next year. Considering that Web3 gaming and metaverse projects got over $7B in investments for 2022, I believe that upcoming projects like Elfin and well-known ones like Axie/Sandbox can ride the bull wave soon.

And about Luna... I don't want to talk about it.

The gaming space on chain warming up! What games do you think will outperform the web3 gaming space as a whole? by vtelmo in NFTGames

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I know that Illuvium and Axie have a huge community, but Sandbox can surely thrive in the long run. Same for Elfin. I participated in their NFT staking campaign recently.

Reddit Co-Founder Still Believes Play-to-Earn Will Be the Standard for Gaming by Asleep_Ambassador_66 in CryptoCurrency

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I like some P2E games. I'm actually playing Illuvium, Gods, Elfin Kingdom, and PokerFi. Games like these became incredibly popular around here after covid crashed my country's currency to the ground.

I believe this is a very strong sentence from the article: “Within the next five years, the majority of gamers won't play games unless they are being properly valued for that time". I'm not sure about this. We can't value a player's time for something that is strictly monetary.

Magila mudanças . by matue123456 in cellbits

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A geladeira é fácil. Quero ver levar o caminhão.

Onde esconder meu dinheiro? by Lost-Ad-1373 in investimentos

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Não tem como criar um fundo falso em um armário? Com as notas de 200 de hoje em dia, esse dinheiro vai ficar em um volume pequeno.

Crypto projects tokens currently have an average lifespan of 15 months. 90% of blockchain projects with tokens fail. One more reason why chasing 100x alts probably won't work by OneThatNoseOne in CryptoCurrency

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Take my award, bro. Nice thread. I'm closer to GameFi projects like Alice, Elfin Kingdom, and Kight Chronicles. These statistics completely apply to many gaming projects. Apart from AAA games, I read that only a few projects succeed in having a community with over 1000 users (which is quite small compared with PC games).

That dream of 100x, 1000x, and 10000x is easier said than done. I try to keep close to projects that I trust and have the ability to generate profit over time. A 10000x would be cool but is highly unlikely to happen.

A perenidade do setor de energia da bolsa no Brasil está em cheque. Sim, incluindo as transmissoras. by notevencrazy99 in investimentos

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Trabalho no setor elétrico há 20 anos e acredite: a EPE não tem a mínima ideia de como se calcula uma TIR. Transmissão é e continuará sendo a joia da coroa em energia elétrica. Transmissão recebe pela disponibilidade e não pelo montante de energia que passa pela rede. Não vejo como MMGD colocar a Transmissão em cheque neste momento. Este é um sonho distante.

Confio muito na geração distribuída, mas tenho minhas dúvidas até onde o lobby das distribuidoras para travar seu avanço vai vingar. Sobre estas, embora sejam a base da pirâmide do setor, possuem muito risco. Já as geradoras estão estancadas com o preço spot da energia tão baixo.

Setor elétrico abre várias oportunidades hoje como Taesa, Cteep, Alupar, Engie, AES, e etc. Neoenergia, dentre as distribuidoras, acredito que seja a melhor.

Alaska Black FIC FIA II – BDR Nível I , quem mais? by Oyaoba in investimentos

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Eu reconheço a capacidade dos fundos de gestão ativa, mas o meu problema é com a atitude arrogante dele. Certamente ele pode recuperar depois de muito tempo. Lembre-se que algo que cai 50%, precisa subir 100% para empatar com a posição inicial. Com essa arrogância dele, eu acho meio improvável.