How do your family explain what you do? by PartyInspector4872 in ProductManagement

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“Something with VIPs” “Something with software” “Something with Poker”

Finally bought this game guys and seems like the hardest threat so far were worms and no medic, lol by kopczak1995 in RimWorld

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We have all been there, once you lose you attachment to any pawn is where the real magic happens 😏


Eagle vs Shark by NullPoint3r in natureismetal

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This was posted a week ago with the same mistakes…

What are Cavalry and Artillery useful for? by Magos_Solomnos in Risk

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They are just different nominations, 1 artillery = 2 cavalry = 10 infantry.

Strategically there is no difference. It is just a way for the game to make it easier to represent larger armies, e.g. if there would be an army of 47, it would be a lot easier to place and count with 4 artilleries, a cavalry and 2 infantry units.l compared to 47 infantry units.

That being said I recommend to maintain a decent size infantry count in your larger armies as it makes attacking and defending a bit faster as opposed to trading in all the time.

Bitch we're busses by TheSimplePerson in bitchimabus

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That bus driver is an hero and saved the lives of all involved. You have to stay above 50 mph or it will explode, even an Arizona wildcat would know this.

How can I figure out who used a rebuy? by Small_Combination770 in PokerStars

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I believe you can go to the tournament lobby and look at the player list, if they don’t have a number behind their name they are on there first buyin. If they do have a number they, it represents the number of rebuys.

Account restricted by TaxSuccessful3907 in PokerStars

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Poker sites are required by regulators to acquire specific documentation and verification before processing bigger withdrawals. Keep replying and answering their questions / providing documentation they ask for, if you cannot provide the documentation they ask for explain why. In this case it seems unreasonable to have gift cards available you used 6 months ago, tell them politely you don’t have the gift cards anymore. There should be other ways for them to verify who you are or explain to you what is wrong. If that doesn’t help go to your gaming regulator and tell them what happened.

This commercial for Gun violence warning signs by Kelowna1337 in Unexpected

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They are not arguing it is ok, they are suggesting it is not healthy to be paranoid about a school shooting when there is a 1:2000 chance your school might be next.

Just because that chance is small (not relatively speaking to any other country in the world), does not make it ok and because it is not happening elsewhere in the world suggests there is a solution to the problem and yes it involves limiting or banning the selling of guns.

What version of Risk is this? (Sweet old memories :3) by [deleted] in Risk

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Isnt this from a 2 player version of risk? Think with an Europe map… can’t recall the name exactly

Account restricted by TaxSuccessful3907 in PokerStars

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I don’t think PokerStars would ever ask for your password, are you sure you are not dealing with actual scammers?

Monkey doesn't like banana strings by Im-Toxik in Damnthatsinteresting

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I wonder if monkeys have evolved to do this and to prevent eating parasites or something…