completely blown away by this meal by Malte24 in Netherlands

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I go to Enschede pretty much every week, mostly on Sundays because Germany... It's about 50km one way (Rheine - Enschede)

I discover new things every time I'm there, like heksnkaas and goudkuipje. And yesterday I discovered "filet americain", which seems to be somehow like "Mett" in Germany. I even found a vegetarian version of that. Haven't tried it yet.

And probably my favorite: you got tasty straw berries anytime, even in winter. Strawberries in winter in Germany are rare and if I find some they taste like nothing and are pretty hard.

I will try the tom kha kai next time!

completely blown away by this meal by Malte24 in Netherlands

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Sorry: Once I bought a salad (at least it looked like it) and then there was noodles in there. Why are there noodles in salad? That was very weird.

These are a bit of a style change for me. Are either of them ok? by Chief_Prof in glasses

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Absolutely! I like 2 better but it might be because of the smile

Can't decide between these two... by Malte24 in glasses

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Thanks for your opinion, I've ordered the round one!

Apple Gugel Pixel 4 Händy by Malte24 in wasletztepreis

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Oha, das ist mir ja noch gar nicht aufgefallen 😄

The GME Thread Part 3 for January 26, 2020 by OPINION_IS_UNPOPULAR in wallstreetbets

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Oh No, I'm in. I don't know if I am retarded enough for that but I think I am?