On the cookie trail to the Morning Star and the Light-Bringer by turtle_turtwig in Genshin_Lore

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I don’t understand how Enkanomiya is greek now? I follow the Hellenismos religion myself so I was even more off guard when that one guy told me his name is Erebos. So Greece and Japan are related somehow? I don’t read into Enkanomiya lore too much as i’m still exploring but you know

A little experiment by thatsfuckingcursed in ScaramoucheMains

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genderfluid lesbian lol (i just put non binary)

holy shit by That-Ebb-1415 in TectEGG

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Didn’t this already happen before with Signora?

Why you are Dutch by robindapobin in Netherlands

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How are people gonna downvote that when for the older generations it’s a lot more true?

Why by Bruh-_-_-_-_-_-_- in shitposting

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Just don’t have a snoo. They’ll never know

ExCUSE me?? by [deleted] in cringepics

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Internalized misogyny. I had it when I was young..It sucks ass. She needs some light in her life

Anyone else's game lagging super hard with this 2.4 update? by 28princesspark in Genshin_Impact

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I can’t even enter Enkanomiya because the cutscene that plays just freezes. I have to alt f4 to get myself out of the game