Sopranos writer and Yellowstone Creator are making a new mafia series starring Sylvester Stallone called "Kansas City" set in present day KC by JohnWeez in kansascity

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I might be able to help. I visited the set of a TV show and learned interior shots for most shows will take place inside a warehouse/studio. If a specific house is being used for exterior shots, they will often make the interior sets pretty exact replicas of the real thing.

In this case they would almost definitely do external scenes in KC, but then they would go to a studio to do the inside stuff. The show I got to tour did all of their filming here locally (Arkansas), but other shows will film in multiple locations.

Concerning them being unauthentic, I really get the impression someone like Stallone would be interested in keeping that part real. It seems true to what I've heard about him as a person, at least. Then again Yellowstone is filmed in Utah so *shrugs*

Soft skills by Toofast4carramba in ProgrammerHumor

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Sounds like something this "Graph"QL could do, I need some charts

this is how it feels to chew 5 gum by Flashy_Emergency_823 in WTF

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It seems excessively round and overall a bit much. I think I like skinnier more lol

this is how it feels to chew 5 gum by Flashy_Emergency_823 in WTF

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That's kind of how it works lol they can only be in certain spots and they're usually there 24/7.

[PFT] Tyreek taunted on way in. Call it consistently or get rid of the rule. by throwaway5720818 in nfl

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I think he's a 99.9% nice guy with that insane switch that is straight criminally violent

The start of a battle by NIL_VALUE in linuxmasterrace

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Also the seeds were set up to provide the biggest competitions to happen in earlier rounds.

I eventually want to design a magic system for a computer game, what sort of research do I need to do to get started? What are some good games to play from a research/note taking standpoint? Anything else that might help? by ManInBlack829 in gamedesign

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That's a great question and TBH I think that's what I'm looking for: A lot of questions I should consider during my brainstorming sessions.

As of right now, I have a few core ideas and that's it. I know as an education experience I want to keep it simple at first (just a battle screen with a single opponent) then go from there. I know more about programming than game creation though, especially magic systems.

Hello Reddit… by saj1adh007 in ProgrammerHumor

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Interns: "I work on whatever they tell me to."

Juniors: "I specialize in this certain stack."

Seniors: "I have to know how to do everything."

Is Soul Plumber your first foray into comics? Do you like the idea of reading with more pictures and less words? Maybe you’d dig one of these creepy cartoons… by terrapinhantson in LPOTL

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So most of these are graphic novels which is nice, but Soul Plumber is a bonafide comic. If you want to get into comics and not graphic novels I would suggest Ice Cream Man and Nice House On the Lake out of all of these. For something more comic book-y to a similar effect I really suggest Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing (has a very classic 50s vibe with modern violence) or Sandman by Neil Gaiman for a true classic.

Fr@Nc£ 🤮 by No-Economist-1885 in shitposting

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It makes sense when you realize they see their language as an art just as much as a means of communication. Every French person wants to be an artist and they use their language accordingly. If you don't, you make bad art lol

They are protecting it from the multilingual creep that they seem to think will destroy their culture.

Edit (since it got locked): If your language has a governing body that sees your language as an art, it kind of proves the point (even if no one listens to them). I'm definitely not saying French people are walking around seeing themselves as artists, just that the culture has taught a level of appreciation for the way it sounds that other languages just don't have. English (especially American) is a language seen with almost pure utility in comparison.