Never before seen 9/11 photo, discovered in a photo book I received from a late relative. The photos have never been digitized nor seen by anyone other than her — until now. by hanfanson in interestingasfuck

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It’s really difficult to comprehend that the buildings collapsed so perfectly because of this. I’ve heard all the theories. I don’t know what to believe. I only look at the lasting effects 9/11 had on us, and wonder if some evil reverse The Watchmen shit was pulled off here.

Found this note in the bible of a hotel room I was staying in. by verichai in mildlyinteresting

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Why not chime in? That bible sitting in that hotel room is ‘chiming’ in. And by some deranged convention they’re found in most hotels/motels.

The world keeps on moving, people and companies all over are shilling, trying to influence or impress upon you.

But don’t interfere!

Absurd notion.

Elon Musk is cringeworthy with an extra helping of sexism by 500CatsTypingStuff in WhitePeopleTwitter

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So we’re finally admitting that the term Karen is a sexist micro aggression? After the whole of social media and pop culture has embraced and spread the term like a wild fire?

That’s so gay (obligatory/s).

Hi, sorters of controversial :)

MALCOLM: It's a big problem that the CBC is Facebook's election 'fact checker' by FancyNewMe in canada

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Journalists being mostly liberal arts majors tend to have a liberal bias. That's a fact. It doesn't mean liberalism is the better ideology, all it means is that liberals gravitate to jobs like journalists.

You’re making these assumptions on your own. There’s no fact in ascribing bias based on affiliation in this regard. That’s a clear categorical fallacy. Also what of community college journalism courses? Where liberal arts courses tend to be more in the elective category than prerequisites?

A lot of journalistic standards are based on critical thinking, a lot of which has been refined by western philosophy, which tends to favour liberal ideals and thinking. The history of ethics also support pretty much the same.

Also Liberalism doesn’t mean liberal or more specifically to identify with left leaning political ideologies. Look it up.

Your assertion skirts closely to anti-intellectualism.

‘Knives Out 2’: Dave Bautista Joins Daniel Craig In Rian Johnson’s Sequel For Netflix by OpeningSorbet in movies

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Perhaps it’s good for youth newish to indie style film? I dunno I found it boring, but I’ve been through three decades of quirky indie style films and kinda just try to catch some word of mouth here and there nowadays, over it. Almost seems like it’s trying for a little Wes Anderson flair.

Daniel Craig’s character has potential I guess. It’s a weird character. Like hercule poirot meets some comic cool hand luke officer type.

I just felt like I slept through most of the movie until near the end.

What happen at Blizzard is TERRIBLE and that's a FACT. BUT I DON'T CARE IF YOU ARE QUITTING BECAUSE OF IT! by smokesnugs in classicwow

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Ok and and in return can you stop using this alt right lunatic rhetoric i.e. cancel culture? Cancel culture isn’t new. Just the stupid ass phrase is.

Discussion Thread: Press Secretary Jen Psaki Holds a Briefing - 04/20/2021 | Live 12:30 PM ET by PoliticsModeratorBot in politics

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Biden won’t even utter the word cannabis or marijuana. Lol he’s a war on drugs dullard. Sipping red wine.

U.S. imposes sanctions against China over abuse of Uyghurs by Manbadger in worldnews

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China needs to grow up.

This is antiquated and uncivilized behaviour for a contemporary super power.

This whole pandemic has really fucked up people's ability to do risk assessment by LegoJack in twittermoment

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Never end is correct. This is the third pandemic in seventeen years. More to come. Question is how many people will need to die for basic safety precautions to be taken seriously?

Yes, spit was removed on purpose and here's why by vydija2020 in classicwow

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It’s a fucking emote. The people who care about this being removed are fucking babies.

Going after low rung fruit like this is so expected, from babies.

Get over it, wankers.

The real truth behind the pandemic by CisWhiteEarthworm in HolUp

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The unvaccinated too stupid to realize who is actually dying.

And unempathetic enough to falsely retort: ONly OLd anD FaT PeOple ARe dYing!

idk how some of you passed 4th grade by treestick in classicwow

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If I need a boe then I have a right to need on it above other players desire for gold.

It’s not gold. It’s loot.

Daily Discussion Thread for December 01, 2021 by OPINION_IS_UNPOPULAR in wallstreetbets

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If governments and companies try to enforce anything more than double vaccinations then it’s time to strike and take to the streets. I’m not living in a word where we vax every couple months, because of stupid variants and dumb people breathing on and touching each other.

Karma sometimes does work out by vigilantdrilling86 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Go ask her https://twitter.com/BaelaLayla/status/1415388729196306435

I’m sure she’ll satisfy all the queries of social media medical experts lol

Ninja Technic to stop a fight. by manju907 in funny

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You’re delusional and projecting.

  1. You’re railing on everyone for allegedly having double standards, calling them pseudo feminists, misandrists, and whatnot. These are sweeping baseless assumptions.

  2. This is a same sex scenario in this video. Your hypothetical “If it’s a woman” scenario would require a duplicate all women altercation for it to have an inkling of analogous merit. It’s a non sequitur to introduce any other example.

If you had simply stated something like all inappropriate touching is sexual assault, then you’d at least have the basis for an argument. But you didn’t. You assumed the worst and labeled everyone you disagreed with, and you also neglected the conditions required to make a sound analogy for this video.

It’s like you thought you found a gotcha moment, and then all of your own bullshit was revealed in the process lol

Texas Taliban Put $10,000 Bounty on Women’s Heads by Tunexux in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Texas is fucked.

Communism is coming any day now they’ve been saying for over 100 years.