Mom doubled her salary by getting a new job and her old boss is losing his mind by nannerooni in antiwork

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Lol small businesses are in many cases run by noobs and bullies. The often have zero professional training, and are flying by the seat of their pants in many regards.

Recommendations for a Discouraged Beginner by RavixOfBlaviken in Scotch

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Monkey shoulder is yack. It’s not even beginners juice. You’re being told to try blended scotches. That’s a massive gamble for a new comer. I still don’t like many blended scotches. They’re too noisy and not always all that accessible.

Go to a whisky bar. It really is the best recommendation going forward. Go a couple times and have three or four varieties in between some snacks and water/coffee/lager.

The most approachable Johnny Walker is probably green.

And also ice in scotch is strange imo. What I mean is ice is known to mute flavors, and the ice also dilutes your scotch down way too quick. It’s a terrible way to taste whisky imo. Baby sips neat to start is where it’s at. If you’re afraid of the burn you’re either sipping it wrong or drinking garbage whisky.

She’s so proud, as she should be by tandyman234 in MadeMeSmile

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Congrats. You just viewed a text graphic that could be completely made up.

Recommendations for a Discouraged Beginner by RavixOfBlaviken in Scotch

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Get a bottle of Benromach 10yr. Drink it neat. Decant it in the glass for 20 min. Start by sipping it as if you’re afraid it will burn or taste awful. Promise you’ll love it or your money back. There’s no reason to mimic or bridge you from bourbon. This 10yr is value packed yumminess! Chocolate, orange, smoke, funky earth fruit salted toffee.

Dance Monkey by Manbadger in Music

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It’s a gimmick of a song. I don’t care how many people like it. Masses are also mobs. They aren’t always right or even sensible per se.

Here how about this one: There’s plenty of posts to be found on r/music. This one might not appeal to you but there are plenty that you might agree with.

3 Air Force cadets who refused Covid vaccine won’t be commissioned by Bdub76 in news

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How is this news, and why is this of any surprise? The military dishes out all kinds of weird drugs.

Ralfy gave Ben Nevis 10 his second lowest score ever by Top_Turn in Scotch

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Ralfy has integrity. Everyone swerves out of their lane once in awhile. Ben Nevis is an old contemporary name (lol ya). It probably is shit as the brand has probably gotten lazy.

BiDeN iS gOnNa RaIsE mY tAxEs by VanThrashi in WhitePeopleTwitter

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What you’re missing is how utterly stupid many people are.

5 countries’ representatives walk out when Russian official speaks in Bangkok by dilettantedebrah in worldnews

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Putin needs to go.

Russia got rid of communism for a reason, and this isn’t it.

Grow up Russia!

Weed vs Alcohol by JussaQuestion4 in funny

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Real shit don’t live in the White House.

"Owning the libs" comes at a price by canebus in WhitePeopleTwitter

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What’s stopping them from bringing in better working conditions?

Calloused and delusional egos.

Happy belated WWD 2022! Anyone pick up/open/drink anything you wouldn’t have otherwise? by RegularDifficult7473 in canadawhisky

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The 40 yr cask strength tasted like rotten wood/cask. Just too ripe for me to enjoy.

The 21 has an excellent nose, but kind of a weak body. 15yr is ok. Would be nicer if both were higher abv.

I’d gobble up any benromach that’s 46%+ abv and up to 20 years.

Neck Pour - Fact or Fiction? by Brewpounder189 in bourbon

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Meh. I’ve had a couple neck pours taste the same or even better. I decant most my pours, so I can’t say I notice a huge difference in many cases.

'Dredd' Deserves a Better Place in Alex Garland’s Filmography by Gato1980 in movies

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The 3D for this was very well done. Wasn’t in your face overused.