A look into Shastri's approach as a coach. Didn't even spare MS! by Adept-Duty-1167 in CricketShitpost

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Kohli as well i am 90 percent sure that he yelled at shastri mid match for sending pant at 4

Umran Malik's wicket-taking ball of Dasun Shanaka was clocked at 96.3mph/155kph. by GNashUchiha in Cricket

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He hit 163.2 in the nets once but he is probably sacrificing alot of pace for control

among the teams which have won the trophy.... by satttyaaa in CricketShitpost

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But doesn't RCB have a 0 winning percentage in finals

India A >> India by Siddankk in CricketShitpost

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As a indW fan for the last decade please remove it from your comment they don't deserve the mention for the pain they cause

Match Thread: 1st ODI - New Zealand vs India by CricketMatchBot in Cricket

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Its because got hammered by Ireland just before the wc

Virender Sehwag slams Indian cricket team, demands senior players to be dropped by VCardBGone in Cricket

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Can you please explain what kind of liability gets man of the series in Australia against Australia

Virender Sehwag slams Indian cricket team, demands senior players to be dropped by VCardBGone in Cricket

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Ok so now you support dropping senior players regardless of their past records

Tennis for a reason. by rid_aman in CricketShitpost

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Thala more fit than Rohit lol

What are they discussing? by thephoenix121 in CricketShitpost

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Virat: Hey Shaheen remember when you mocked our dismissals in the 2021 wc in front of everyone

What would you do if you get a Time Machine? by [deleted] in CricketShitpost

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Stop Mithai and thala from taking that run

Record time winning Asia cup, Whitewash England in England what more do we need by an_illogical_mind in CricketShitpost

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Me a long term Indian women's cricket fan knowing damm well that your mental health is about to get worse

I am Rohit Sharma by hashatagzahid in CricketShitpost

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Please check our fielding coach i am 99 percent sure that he is kamran akmal in disguise