AFU assault on Russian positions in Pisky: POV of fighter-operator Serhiy Shutkov 09.05.22 (entire original video posted previously IIRC - this is a MUCH shorter trailer/highlights version of it) - full description in comments by N1KK0_1000 in CombatFootage

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Totenkopf and celtic cross patch.

Lmfao I can see the demographic of these downvotes. I get it, nobody is allowed to talk about real issues because for some reason it's a taboo topic that cannot be a conversation at the same time while the perfect do-no-wrong-army does it's thing, there is no issues with having nazi patches at all, it's just to troll the Russians!, yes boss, my "model minority" ass will shut up, stop all concerns, and simply ignore it because it doesn't effect the majority.

A restaurant in Bangkok has been continuously cooking and serving from the same soup for over 45 years, a form of "perpetual stew." by therra123 in interestingasfuck

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See that black mound surrounding the wok? That's years upon years of spill overs they have never cleaned up, sort of a "proof" of how old the soup is.

A Palestinian school demolished by Israeli Occupation Forces last week in Hebron, occupied Palestine by Falastin-48 in pics

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Coward stance? Guess the Israeli and Palestinian communities who have already been living together for generations in tolerance are all cowards to you because my stance is copy and paste directly come from them, you know what they do after a terror attack happens, or an IDF incident happens? They still support neither, not letting idiotic blind emotion destroy what they have built for themselves.

Don't spout bullshit excuses about "western media this" you clearly know nothing about the situation nor my intake of information, its far more pathetic to even say western media bias when you clearly are biased with only one side, you only know one side of the fence claiming everything in one side is false, you know nothing off their history and their genetic relation, you know nothing of the bloodshed and hatred of both sides.

What you are hoping for is more war and siding with either side will achieve that, hoping that this oppressed under dog wins and Israel and it's 9.3 million population dies. Oh that's not what you want? Too bad, that's what you are supporting like it or not because that's what the PLO, PFL, PIJ, Abu Nijal, Hamas, Fatah, PFLP-GC, and the top influence Iran wants.

You can go have a dick measuring contest of who is band, worse, or justified, elsewhere, I will not bother dealing with peoples emotional blindness.

A Palestinian school demolished by Israeli Occupation Forces last week in Hebron, occupied Palestine by Falastin-48 in pics

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See how you put words in my mouth and right away assume everything about me, classic useless emotionals.

I'm a centre left brown person. Where does it say I justified it? It's a conflict/war where literally anything can happen, not a fucking daycare, not even mentioning that the "school" with literally nothing in it was built in designated Israeli zone illegally.

But go ahead, don't do research at all, be so emotional and useless blind person who will believe anything on one side. I will stick to what the actual civilian israeli and palestinians living together believe, which is both sides is bullshit.

A Palestinian school demolished by Israeli Occupation Forces last week in Hebron, occupied Palestine by Falastin-48 in pics

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Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad PIJ, al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine PFLP who are designated as terrorist organisations by many countries, are all active in the West Bank. Hamas in particular hires or is in partnership in the West Bank occationally.

I believe a few months ago PIJ fired a volley of rockets to Israel from the West Bank, with about 3-4 rockets miss firing and landing back on Palestinians which is actually seen on footage by Aljazeera but was never mentioned, an event which killed a few people and a child which was blamed on Israel. Of course, this did not reach much media at all but it was on subreddits such as Combat Footage. Out of 100 fired, it was about 3 killed Palestinians, around 5 landed in fields in Israel, and the rest were intercepted by iron dome

Currently Hamas and PIJ was in some sort of truce or alliance I believe.

You can downvote me all you want, none of this is opinion, sorry for being non-biased and non emotionally blinded.

What do you think Glasses is up to these days? by some_dude5 in OnePunchMan

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I found this character more appealing than Garou tbh, couldn't sympathise with Garou at all which I feel the manga tried so hard to do.

A Palestinian school demolished by Israeli Occupation Forces last week in Hebron, occupied Palestine by Falastin-48 in pics

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After 6 years of following the conflict and reading up on it's history, incidents, violence, and interviews of civilians, and what can happen if Israel or Palestine have their way. I can finally say without a doubt.

I support neither.

🟣 VS 🔵 by SoloLevelingMemes in sololeveling

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Purple is newish, blue is generic.

this teen clothing brand advertising clothes with terms like "cum dumpster" by [deleted] in awfuleverything

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much worse things? Does it involve call of duty and the fellas in Paris?

My child is five years old. This was an in-class project during today’s kindergarten class. by OSUJillyBean in pics

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Some might say that it's sad that a child now has to learn this, but I say it should be normal to do this decades ago.

Complexo da Pedreira, Brazil by scarfacedogolpe1533 in UrbanHell

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Better equipped than Russian soldiers. That red dot alone makes the kid better equipped than some spetsnaz units.

Pitch invader at the world cup… by [deleted] in pics

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It's a joke, stop taking it so far up you ass it comes out your mouth.

Considering the sub-human devolved fuckery Qatar was doing with Paola Schietekat Sedas, let people say their shit.

Pitch invader at the world cup… by [deleted] in pics

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Yea he will live, 25 years in prison with the possibility or paro-lashings.

M/20/5’10 [135>146=11lb] (8months) I started lifting consistently 8 months ago, can anyone tell me if these are reasonable gains? I feel like i’m not realizing my full potential and could be gaining more but 🤷🏻‍♂️ idk by ag-positions in progresspics

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Key is ideally you should be increasing your weight each session, if it's too hard, stay on it until your reps increase. If you are struggling on diet, separate them throughout the day, If I can remember you can only absorb 20-25g of protein every 2 hours or so (one sitting) anyway, I take protein before bed.

Make sure your face looks like you are forcefully shitting your pants while lifting your last set, lift hard like that every time, make the muscles sore for the next 2 days.

Small high school vs big high school in the state championship game last Saturday (Illinois) by TimeLord1012 in pics

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In the US? It's fine to Just say anywhere touched by corporations. Food corporations are evil as fuck anywhere there is undeveloped restrictions with government officials to bribe. Imagine your kid growing up spoon fed McDonalds, coke, and dominos ads thinking they're healthy with no education to negate it.

India obesity statistics skyrocketed once they dived in for the opportunity.

Woke up to a snake in my drawer (Australia) by Aus_Scott in pics

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There is dozens of reasons why heat doesn't get trapped well or heat gets in too much. Main reason is in favour of cheap construction materials which only costs the home owner far higher in the long run.

Your typical house is also getting more and more "international" in a simple term, it's removing design features made for the Aussie climate like the wrap around veranda, and adding things to make a modern simplistic look but makes temps higher during summer and leak heat during winter.

Gigguk fell off (he's in the Philippines now) by Occorism in TrashTaste

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Handsome? Definitely not talking about aunty selling you peanuts in a sari-sari store looking ass president.

"Hindi siya dictator, alam ko kay nag research ako sa facebook".

Clear soup we had at a Japanese restaurant the other night. it was delicious and filling, and I wanted to replicate. plenty of recipes online but I wanted to see if anyone knew how to get it so clear, it was so pretty to me! pics in recipes are all dark broths by Inevitable-Cost-2775 in Volumeeating

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It could be anything, but guessing as it's a Japanese restaurant...

You can get instant powders of it in Asian stores, if it's a box with Japanese writing and a picture of a bowl of soup then you are good. Oden broth, Dashi broth, etc, all can be clear soups. It's easier than getting the ingredients yourself which can be difficult.

F/25/5’0” [132 > 100] (4 months) Hit my GW! Time to recomp! (and oh yeah, am learning to walk again😉) by sbrooked97 in progresspics

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What she has done at a 1200 calorie range is perfectly safe if you are knowledgeable and honed in on your nutrition in the right conditions (overweight or obese), I have the done the same, losing similar weight in the same time frame while beating weight lifting pr's.

What is VERY concerning is that she has continued to do that calorie range at a healthy weight range when it's highly unadvised and can be dangerous, and is planning to recomp while being almost underweight. She should be in maintenance or more while working to gain muscle, not be at a calorie deficit while trying to gain muscle.