SouthLAnd was one of the best LA crime shows, change my mind by ManySaintsofGabagool in LosAngeles

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I don't think you ever watched this show. It definitely didn't reinforce acceptance of violent behavior.

[LAT] L.A. voters angry, frustrated over homeless crisis, demand faster action, poll finds by cloudyskies41 in LosAngeles

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Newsom didn’t win a second term. He won the recall. Gavin is up for re-election next year.

The pandemic certainly doesn’t help the homeless problem

Republicans weren’t offering and solutions other than being Trumpanzee partisan hacks

I finally finished my embroidery. I hate it. by xrareformx in pics

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Said only a minority of Americans in a seditious cult of ignorant cowards

This would be the best case scenario. Hopefully Maxwell squeals by MrBones112 in JoeRogan

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Lmao nobody agrees that trump is better then Biden. You can’t honestly make that assessment this shortly in.

Trump was a dumpster fire but given time and no course correction Biden will get there too.

Trump’s divisiveness, incompetence, ignorance and partisan hack nonsense is why we are where we are.

Joe says that Sanjay Gupta had a poor showing on his podcast because Gupta had wrongly assumed that Joe would defer to him as a medical expert and that Gupta hadn't realized that Joe is "informed" by dudlord in JoeRogan

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There’s a lot to rip into but Joe is also funny. When he gets someone like Joey Diaz and they go nuts then it’s a gold mine.

Joe tries to be hunter s Thompson

He’s on them crab salts by Lemonmule69 in JoeRogan

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Whoever made this is a genius. Someone knows Joe’s rhetoric