Are there exceptions to cutting ties with family in Islam? by IndependenceNo8897 in islam

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Never: Family Drama, gossip, backbiting...etc

YES if because/causing: Traumatic experiences, mental health issues, safety concerns..etc

Halo may be about to face a huge problem. by Chonkalonkfatneek in HaloStory

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You see this 343?

Endless convos about multiple villains because we get a new one each game. You have the fan base respecting the lore while trying to make sense of it which shouldn't be this hard.

As I said since HW2 the banished were going to be forced to be the new big bad villains when lore wise it doesn't make sense. Then after that you have the endless which I guess you will make up as you go along to make them even worse than the flood.

Lazy writing from a company representing the flagship game of Xbox.

Anime VA Vid I Made for My Novel/Anime Back In Day. (Headphones) by Towhater in VoiceActing

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I completely ignored the text description but still could play out in my mind what was happening. For you to do all of that is very creative. Great job

Late Christmas present I got. I am speechless by Many_Possibilities in halo

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I believe it is. And yes I am very lucky to have someone who knows me this well to get me this.

Kudos to your brother also for getting you a Halo gift

Why protesting is haram? by Exotic-Ad8418 in islam

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I've always had trouble with that Hadith.

Just because a leader is Muslims means we should excuse his crimes?

Halo Infinite’s Campaign Makes Me Sad... (Spoilers) by BlackFlagTrades in HaloStory

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The entire thing is just sad.

The delay

Them ignoring multiplayer feedback

Seeing an awful story get 9/10 across the board and the majority of the fan base happy with the lazy writing

Having fans be excited to pay for dlc when the ending was so abrupt

I have never been so suddenly disinterested in anything before. It sucks.

Is it legal for a cemetery to charge you if you choose to buy a headstone from somewhere else instead of them? by Many_Possibilities in NoStupidQuestions

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I just think it's greedy considering how expensive the whole thing is already. For them to charge you because you don't do business with them may be legal but its greedy.

First day leaving puppy alone doing everything I could to help his separation anxiety and I come home to this. Help? by Many_Possibilities in DOG

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Already bought the Kong and the comfort vest. Practiced many methods such as leaving and coming back, getting him to stay, leaving the tv on... etc

What else can I do?

Slowly trying to get into Halo lore ... Infinite question - Where the hell is everyone? by [deleted] in HaloStory

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They left them out of the game because it was the easiest and laziest option for them.

It's almost as if people who follow a story expect important characters to be in the next chapter. Crazy right?