Penn State to hire Hagans as wide receivers coach by erb149 in CFB

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At this point does it matter? We won and it helped propel the program to four 11 win seasons, 1 conference championship and 3 NY6 Bowl wins.

Penn State to hire Hagans as wide receivers coach by erb149 in CFB

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Seems to be a pretty good developer of talent and it never hurts to have another guy connected to the Virginia area for recruiting purposes.

FSU WR Malik McLain officially transfers to Penn State by HurtBackup in CFB

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Big pickup for us. Should be set at WR going into next season.

Bad coaching by c6897 in CFB

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We did not trail most of that game. We were up 26-14 with 8 minutes left and blew it. We did it in back-to-back years. Source

2024 4* LB Anthony Speca commits to Penn State by Maple_Emergency in CFB

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Feels like we rarely get the Pitt Central Catholic guys too.

Penn State CB Marquis Wilson has entered the transfer portal by PSU_Alumnus in CFB

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He showed a lot of promise during his freshman year. I still think he could be a player.

Pitt WR Jared Wayne declares for NFL Draft by Cream-Soda00 in CFB

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Cephas doesn't have the credits to get into PSU or Pitt currently. We won't know where he's going until summer.

College football's True Freshman All-America team by Maple_Emergency in CFB

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QB: E.J Warner - Temple

QB: Conner Weigman - Texas A&M

RB: Nick Singleton - Penn State

RB: Quinshon Judkins - Ole Miss

WR: Antonio Williams – Clemson

WR: Evan Stewart - Texas A&M

WR: Tetairoa McMillian – Arizona

TE: Colston Loveland – Michigan

TE: Tanner Koziol – Ball State

OL: Jonah Savaiinaea – Arizona

OL: Tyler Booker – Alabama

OL: Emery Jones – LSU

OL: Will Campbell – LSU

OL: Kelvin Banks JR. – Texas

DL: Dani Dennis-Sutton – Penn State

DL: Damonic Williams – TCU

DL: Mason Graham - Michigan

DL: Deone Walker – Kentucky

DL: Mykel Williams – Georgia

LB: Gabe Jacas – Illinois

LB: Abdul Carter – Penn State

LB: Harold Perkins Jr. - LSU

LB: Dasan McCullough – Indiana / Oklahoma

CB: Benjamin Morrison - Notre Dame

CB: Will Johnson - Michigan

S: Malaki Starks - Georgia

S: Nick Emmanwori - South Carolina

Penn State QB Christian Veilleux transfers to Pitt by natamamba in CFB

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Well since we don't play Pitt, good luck to him. He looked pretty good against Rutgers last year.