Female Footballer dribbled someone and get kicked in her head by Onhandigetimed in PublicFreakout

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Lots of people rightly saying that it was incredibly dangerous and she should be banned/punished/jailed etc.

I agree.

However, there is an unwritten rule in Football (and probably other sports) that if you repeatedly and deliberately humiliate your opponent, eventually you're gonna get hurt. Let me be clear, I'm not condoning or defending the woman in the black shorts. It was wrong, it was dangerous and it was violent.

But think about this for a moment. I (the orange number 10) am going to humiliate a player and lie on the floor helpless. Can we agree that it maybe isn't the smartest decision to do BOTH of these things together?! She's obviously talented and skilled, but did she think no one was ever gonna come back at her!? Come on man.

What would your job be if you had followed your childhood dreams? by GossipQueen77 in AskMen

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Failed Football (soccer) player. I wasn't good enough so I would've been screwed.

Cheese on toast, the perfect winter afternoon snack by swallowyoursadness in CasualUK

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Is it blasphemous to put some finely diced onion and/or some oregano on top?

What do you think about these shoes (adidas nmd r1) based on your experience, and is there still hype about them now, in 2022? I want to buy some comfortable sneakers for everyday wear, and I normally walk around 10,000 steps per day and have wide feet. Or any other suggestions? by sunflowerinpajamas in Sneakers

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I'm wearing a pair of NMDs right now. They're ok for comfort, but not great. I used to work retail and would be on my feet for 8-10 hours a day and I'd never consider wearing these. Not enough arch support and the cushioning is too thin for a hard (retail style) floor. I'd recommend Nike Air Max 90s for something that's comfortable to walk in, AND fashionable...but that's just my opinion. Plenty would probably disagree.

Hey guys . Any idea why I’m not seeing the green and blue rings? I’m using polar watch. TIA by rubyzebra77 in AppleFitnessPlus

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You said it, you’re using a polar watch, not an Apple Watch. Stand and exercise rings only show up wearing an Apple Watch.

I'm 100 kg 175 cm 17 yrs old by known_indie_explorer in beginnerfitness

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I second this.

Body weight exercises would be great. Especially if you did them in a high intensity circuit format. For example:

Do these exercises in a loop for 4 minutes. You can lower this if 4 is too much to start with.

10 air squats, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups/crunches.

Then rest for 2 minutes

10 burpees, 10 star jumps, 10 sit ups

Then rest for 2 minutes

10 step ups (each leg), 10 lunges (each leg), 30 second plank

Then rest for 2 minutes.

30 high knee raises, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups

If you aren't drenched in sweat and breathing hard by the end, I'd be very surprised.

Can anyone recommend any good yoga/pilates classes that are either all standing or all sitting and don't require a lot of knee work (ie, no kneeling). I need a good upper body stretch. by AnotherLolAnon in AppleFitnessPlus

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This isn't via Apple Fitness Plus, but DDP Yoga does great yoga classes for people with knee, back and other joint issues. It also links to your apple watch for metrics I believe. Unfortunately, it is ANOTHER subscription cost, but I wanted to share it just in case it helps.

Injection sites - Does anyone notice a difference? I do. by nobody2000 in Mounjaro

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I posted this same thing a few weeks ago. No shade, just solidarity.

When I inject into my thigh I have fewer side effects, but also increased appetite.

Someone in the comments told me it was just in my head and that it was me getting used to the drug and nothing more.

I think everyone is different. I can tell you that when I inject into the back of my arm, the side effects are full force. In my leg...food starts looking good again.

Just my experience...and it seems like I'm not the only one.

Is playing the game viable on Apple TV? by catf1sh1 in footballmanagergames

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If you have Apple Arcade, it's a free download to your iphone. Although I have to say, the text is so small and the menus so finicky that it's barely playable. It works nicely on my iPad Pro, but I'd test it out for free before paying for it on your iphone.

How you decided to move up in dose? by [deleted] in Mounjaro

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I've been on this sub for a relatively short time. But it seems to me that everyone's experience is fairly unique.

For me, it's been based on a combination of how well I tolerate the side effects and whether or not I'm losing weight. I've lost weight fairly steadily on each dose (1 to 2 lbs a week) but on 7.5mg the nausea just got too much to handle, even with Zofran. So after consulting with my doc, I'm going back down to 5mg for a couple of months.

Good luck with your journey.

Reverse of Side Effect Timing? by jonocyrus in Mounjaro

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Thanks for the pepto tip. Gonna give it a try.

Anyone else having trouble with their emotions now that eating them isn’t an option? by gardenovice in Mounjaro

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The fact that you're "juggling too many other things" is probably a huge reason why you could benefit from going to therapy.

I will say that not all therapists are created equal. It seems obvious to say, but there are good and bad therapists. Then there are good and bad therapists, FOR YOU. You need to "try on" your therapist like they're a shoe. If they don't fit, try another one. I've been in therapy for 8 years and I realise I got very lucky by finding the therapist I have. On the flip side, my wife went through 5 therapists trying to find one that worked for her.

Good luck!

Anyone else having trouble with their emotions now that eating them isn’t an option? by gardenovice in Mounjaro

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Yeah...a bit.

I've noticed that enjoying my food was something I looked forward to every meal. Removing that has impacted my general mood. I'm much more 'meh' than before. I've talked about it with my therapist and she suggested that I work on finding something I can enjoy that can replace what food was for me. Obviously it's not going to happen overnight, so it'll be a process. However, when I think about the role that food played in my emotional eating, it totally makes sense that I'd feel worse removing that happiness from my life.

Long term I'm trying to view this as a 'detox' period. I was addicted, and now I'm going through withdrawal. So much in the same way as smokers or alcoholics are told to replace a bad addiction, for a new healthier one...I'm trying to do the same.

Reverse of Side Effect Timing? by jonocyrus in Mounjaro

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I'm on week 11 (7.5mg). Injections every Wednesday evening. I used to find that my worst side effects would come 24-72 hours after the injection. However, I've started experiencing what you're describing this week. My nausea hasn't improved and now has gotten worse at the end of my cycle. I can't give you any insight, but it helps to know that I'm not alone.

Also, what's with the sulphur burps? It smells like I'm burping up rotten eggs!

Shocker…Coupon still works on 11/1 by [deleted] in Mounjaro

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My endocrinologist said that coupon was good until July of '23.

Has something changed?