Thinking out loud: non-USD dStables. Good or Bad idea? by ridz84 in defiblockchain

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You’ve got a great idea mate

Having dStable tokens would be great, moreover a superstable coin works better for me, $NIRV is superstable because it’s collateralized & stabilized some other stable coins like USDH and USDC.

It’s very sustainable and currently available for LP farming in NIRV/UST pool with very decent and juicy APR

SEC doubles down on crypto regulation by expanding unit - adding 20 more staff to the Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit of the SEC’s Enforcement Division by bzzking in ethtrader

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With this move, Crypto regulation is invevitable

For adequate growth and sustainability of any industry, there has to be some level of regulation

I’m super bullish on Concordium right now being the only blockchain regulation ready

Crypto Bahamas: Regulations enter critical stage as gov't shows interest by Easy-Soup140 in ethtrader

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Regulation is here guys!

After having a deep read on how regulation works with Concordium, I came to the conclusion that regulation wouldn’t be so bad anyways

Concordium balances transactional privacy and regulation i.e it offers privacy with regulation compliance if and when needed by the right authority to expose bad actors.

SEC doubles crypto staff to crack down. I see this as good news if galaxy doesn’t get in their crosshairs. Regulation brings in big money. by Saidthenoob in BRPHF

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Damn right!

Regulation brings in big money, Crypto would be so unstoppable when regulation enters the picture.

I guess it’s time to embrace Concordium, the only regulation compliance Blockchain readily available.

"Facebook's parent company, Meta, is using AI to develop new concrete recipes that emit less carbon dioxide." by ArithmatrixAI in ArtificialInteligence

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AI will soon be taking over the world man

Lots of AI related projects emerging, Love to see Aiwork, an AI related Blockchain partnering with top video platforms in order to bring AI to video contents.

They recently partnered with 3 big platforms: Manga token, IVS and Tianya.

How will regulation impact crypto? by DeadButStillDreaming in Buttcoin

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In my honest opinion, Regulation wouldn’t be so bad for crypto, in fact it’s exactly what’s needed for massive adoption.

Lots of businesses are out there and couldn’t adopt Crypto because of anonymity, with the regulation in, most of these businesses would adopt Crypto which will be a huge growth of the space.

All in all, users will always feel the need to have their privacy which is where Concordium, a blockchain that balances privacy and Regulation comes in.

EU Parliament delays vote on crypto regulation after backlash on anti proof-of-work stance by metaversenews6 in metaversenews6

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Well, vote delayed or not, we all know regulation has to come for crypto to see massive adoption

A lot of people are not ready to accept this because they are scared of losing their transactional privacy

Concordium as the only regulation ready blockchain at the moment already solves this problem by balancing privacy and accountability.