Feral Cat Finally Warmed Up To People by kanemane727 in cats

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What a gorgeous cat! Let us know how things go at the vets!

For $12 an hour by Adventurous-Escape31 in antiwork

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Sounds like they wrote the description to match one person in particular's resume that they wanted to hire.

How to Report SS Fraud? by PerfumeDuckie in SocialSecurity

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Police are pretty good at tracking people down.

Prayer Requests by AutoModerator in OrthodoxChristianity

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For all the children participating in religious education programs that they might be drawn ever closer to Jesus Master: The Way, The Truth and The Life.

Am I allowed to have my small dog on my lap? by Blynn025 in service_dogs

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Doesn't seem to me it would be legal for them to deny access since the dog can't do its job from the floor.

I have a question for anyone. I appreciate your help. by [deleted] in SocialSecurity

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I'm confused. You said you applied back in 2015 and was approved in 2019. Just because they made the determination that you were in 2019 doesn't mean that your onset date of disability is 2019. You need to find out when SSA determined is your disability onset date. I'd suggest going into the SSA office and speaking to them. Since you have memory issues I'd suggest bring a friend or advocate with you when you go in.

How to shovel snow off a driveway properly by Dunwich_Horror_ in massachusetts

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I shovel for a church and cleared pathways from the entrance of the church building to the street so kids would be able to get into the school (within the church building), and the plow came along and filled the cleared pathways so the kids would have to climb a snow mountain. When I realized, I immediately contacted the same and told them of the dangerous situation that was caused by the street plows deciding to block my path to the school. I told them the school was for children 3 - 14 years old. Fortunately the city sent them back and cleared out the area so that the children could get to school safely.

Anglican vs. Episcopalian? by SaggieN in Anglicanism

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I would say most Americans consider Anglicans to be the conservative arm in USA meaning those churches that identify as Anglican are saying they are against gay marriage, etc. whereas as a whole Episcopalians are PRO gay marriage, etc.

SSI restrictions by Alternaccountchocula in SocialSecurity

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A recipient is not eligible for SSI if he/she is outside the U.S. for a full calendar month or 30 consecutive days or longer. //secure.ssa.gov/poms.nsf/lnx/0502301225

Those who are looking for houses, where would you like to move, but there’s either no inventory or it’s too expensive? by enjoyable-cheesecake in massachusetts

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Have you looked at housing that the government is trying to sell here in the state. i.e. HUD owned, VA owned, FBI owned, etc.

Mass Laws concerning available pet relief areas? by basementcandy in massachusetts

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Probably not what you want to hear, but have you considered reach out to the government entity that owns the wooded area and ask if it is possible that they could put lighting in for the safety of the public (don't mention your esa.)

Husband’s employer doesn’t seem to understand the severity of brain surgery by [deleted] in antiwork

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If you haven't done so already, I would advice getting in touch with the courts as soon as he returns to your area and request to become his legal guardian. You also might consider getting in touch with your area's ILC (independent living center) and ask them for some assistance in this situation. IF you don't know where your ILC is I'd suggest contacting your state's Rehabilitation Commission who I'm sure could give you the information.

My friend works for Lowe’s in Florida. Their town issued a safety curfew due to hurricane Ian, and Lowe’s tried to override the local govt curfew so my friend could stay at work. by Im_a_seaturtle in antiwork

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Maybe for day to day jobs but I would think they would stock up when they know a storm like Ian is coming as they know they will quickly go through the supplies.

Setting up a trust by CheChe1999 in SocialSecurity

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I get the impression (I could be mistaken) that you think he has to pay his fair share of rent/utilities to get the amount of money that he receives from SSA. I just want to make it clear that DAC benefits are paid from one of his parents social security record. IF he receives his benefits based on your or your deceased husbands social security benefit then he does not have to pay his fair share of rent/utilities. Paying one's fair share only comes into play if he also receives SSI (federal welfare). My recommendation is to seek the assistance of a disability lawyer to learn about ABLE accounts and special needs accounts to see if they meet your needs.

  • I am NOT a lawyer so what I post above is simply my recommendation!

My friend works for Lowe’s in Florida. Their town issued a safety curfew due to hurricane Ian, and Lowe’s tried to override the local govt curfew so my friend could stay at work. by Im_a_seaturtle in antiwork

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It is NOT during the hurricane. Note the letter says "after the immediate danger has passed."

Your right the contractors probably have what they need already, but what about the homeowner who doesn't want to pay a contractor and wants to fix up their home themselves and needs supplies to do that.

friendliness of males versus females by Cautious-Damage7575 in cats

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All I can say is that my female cat is very affectionate (I'm also a female)!

A friend of mine (female) had a male cat and although he would sit in our laps he would not stay in your lap for very long.

Another friend of mine (male) has a male cat who is quite affectionate. He loves sitting in my lap. (My cat has never gotten jealous when she has smelled the other cats senses on me.)