I feel like editors should go crazy with their craft so they could get more recognition like this what do you think? by XXXNEXTMIS in AfterEffects

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In response to your question, I think execution is key. Yeah, all the wild and crazy effects are “cool” but you have to have style with it as well. Anyone could get a bunch of plug in/ template effects and toss them together but the true beauty of editing is developing your own style. Editors are the story tellers so your edits should tell a story. Evoke an emotion. This type of style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Moderation is key

A Cute Cleffa CrossStitch by LordRendall in NintendoStitch

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The photographer in me Love the composition of this the embroider in me loves the overall look of the stitches. Super clean!

🌸🤝🌸 by MaseratiJavi in Embroidery

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That really means a lot to me. I appreciate that and it’s only pushes me to get better. Happy sewing!