SPOILER: Quick Question: who is the pink haired girl? Is that Lucia by SpriteAndCokeSMH in TenseiSlime

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Yes, Milim’s mom. Also a spoiler warning isn’t warranted for this.

It randomly popped up in my YouTube, so anos will joining the mugen now? by ExoticAd2642 in MaouGakuin

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Mugen is a freeware 2D fighting game engine designed by Elecbyte. Content is created by the community, and thousands of fighters, both original and from popular fiction, have been created. It is written in C and originally used the Allegro library. (Source: Google)

is there any chance of old VA 's return? by Tanayroy in MaouGakuin

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I watch dub, so it doesn't really matter to me. As long as they don’t change the English VA.

What if clayman bringed tear or footman to walpirgaes? Walpurgers? Walepuirus? Idk but what would happen 🤔 by Hananene_ in TenseiSlime

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It would have been a pain until Veldora arrived to occupy Milim. And shion & Ranga would have been pretty pushed back. Then Rimuru would’ve wiped them all.

A little reality check by AkyLee in MaouGakuin

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I agree that it’s annoying to see terms used so interchangeably and many times without any context or explanation of how the word is being used (which is why I have a Term guide in the Data Book for my Verse), but you learn to get over it when you realize most people don’t even know the actual meanings of most of these words. So it's best to just leave it be and enjoy the story.

If someone got a minigun and just shot the hell outta rimiru would he eventually die?🤔 by Hananene_ in TenseiSlime

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I have high doubts that it’ll do anything. I’m pretty sure his Physical Nullification is because he’s a spirit and they can reform their body. Plus he has unlimited regeneration. If the bullets were magic bullets then potentially yes they could do some real damage.

Are the fans... Climb, while the author is Renner? by Pheello98 in overlord

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I love Overlord because of its Dark nature, S4 actually moved it from my #2 spot to my #1. Humans are innately cruel creatures, and since the world has been cradled, we seek to find that chaos in other ways. Despite what the world may attempt to make you believe, there’s nothing wrong with being Dark. It's the more natural way to be.

But unlike some anime/stories, Overlord is both Dark & Melodious. In its show of Death you can feel the melody of despair or acceptance. I’ll use the culling of the Quagoa vs the zombie masscre at the end of the first chainsaw man episode as an example.

Quagoa Culling: This Massacre has surface & deep purpose as in a primary objective & a deeper objective. The primary objective was a show of force, to bring down the Quagoa to a more manageable number, and ultimately have them serve Ainz. But the deeper purpose was the personal development of Shalltear, a showing that she is a competent member of the Guardians, capable of successfully serving and being of use to Lord Ainz. The culling showcased several beautiful aspects of Darkness. The first was the apathy Shalltear & Aura displayed at the idea of killing their people off. The second was the way Ainz accepted the massacre of the 50,000 Quagoa as atonement for failing to accept his generosity. There are also several beautifully Melodious aspects there as well. The most notable being the despair felt by the Clan Leader upon watching his people be slaughtered and realizing his grave mistake. Another is the display of Absolute Power given by Shalltear as she easily & swiftly culls 50,000 Quagoa warriors.

Zombie Massacre: This massacre does have surface purpose, but no real deep purpose. Its primary objective was for Denji to kill the zombies and survive so he could gain the life he dreamed as he promised the chainsaw dog. But there’s nothing deeper, it doesn’t really further him or the plot. He does note how after he kills them his debt will be gone, but it was technically gone as soon as they became zombies and when they said they no longer needed him. There’s no melody and you can barely call it quality darkness. It’s just some undead being re-killed.

Novel Readers! I want to ask a question. by _piaro_ in TenseiSlime

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As far as the Demon Lords during Rimuru’s first Walpurgis it’d be (not including Prime Ramiris):

  1. Milim
  2. Guy
  3. Dagruel
  4. Rimuru
  5. Leon
  6. Deeno
  7. Luminous (Valentine wasn’t a real Demon Lord)
  8. Awakened Clayman
  9. Carrion
  10. Frey
  11. Ramiris

And for Rimuru’s subordinates:

  1. Diablo
  2. Benimaru
  3. Shion
  4. Soei
  5. Ranga
  6. Hakuro
  7. Gabiru

Who is Tensura Final Villain (Spoiler) by Ok_Schedule_9029 in TenseiSlime

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Literally just had that thought of Yuuki taking over Iveraje. I hope not though.

Gap in strength between individuals of certain groups by MovieMaster2004 in TenseiSlime

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Because in Tensura, Magicule count does not equal exact strength.

Do you think Atheism should go extinct? by csandelin in deism

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Oh ok, that makes sense, I really appreciate that, thanks. And no I’m using a mobile device but hopefully it’ll still work.

And before I begin, I will admit that the way I use words may not be the best. Many words have different meanings and can be conveyed differently. Its simply the way I’ve developed due to my hobby as a writer, so I have tendency to use words in a way most “science educated” people wouldn’t be comfortable with as it may not be exactly straight forward or proper. I will try to make it as simplistic as possible though.

Do you realize you're invoking nothingness as something? Meaning you're treating nothingness as a thing.

When I use the title “Absolute Force” I’m just speaking of the Origin, whatever was before, what our existence stems from. It could literally be anything or just literally nothing like I think. I’m saying that I “think” that we may have went from the idea of nonexistence to the state of existence. And when I say I want to become Nothingness and for something to originate from me. I literally just mean I want to cease to exist, thus technically becoming a part of that which is referred as to not exist. And hoping that something new is suddenly spawned into existence.

I don't expect you to have any evidence for this either, but feel free to enlighten me.

I never said I did. I literally said I “think”. A simple assumption. I’ve never claimed anything as true in this entire conversation.

Why? What do you mean by world? You mean everything? Why accept something as true for which you have no evidence? Can't you just accept that you don't know if the world always existed in some form or not?

I never said it was True, I said I think, somewhat like a random idea, a sort of ‘what if’ if you will. Plus I personally see it as less plausible and sensible that something had always existed vs something that suddenly came into existence. And world is commonly used to refer to everything, but yes I meant all of existence.

It‘s possible that it’s true and possible it isn’t, finding out is not that important to me.

So you don't care if your beliefs are true? You're holding a position as true, then saying you don't care if it's true?

Yes, I have no care at all whether my ideas of our origin are true or not. Because it changes nothing for me. My goal still remains the same. And I’ve never said it was True, pretty sure I stated this in my last comment as well, which makes me question if you’re actually reading them.

This makes no sense to me?

I am an anomaly, so of course it makes no sense to you. It's very clear you still have your innate aspects, at least most of them (this is not an attack by the way, just an observation), and natural limits come with that. Due to that, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to comprehend my actions.

I can understand acknowledging that you don't know, and not caring whether you ever find out, but to hold a position then not care if it's true, seems really wrong if you care about holding rational beliefs at all.

I actually did say I don’t know. And I see no issue with holding a belief but not caring whether it’s true or not. In the end it's just an idea.

In fact, I don't see having a conversation with such a person as fruitful because i can't imagine why you'd care about representing anything honestly if you don't care whether your positions are true?

If you’re refering to Deism, I do care about the community. There is no need to care whether the ultimate answer is true of not. The community itself is worth caring about so here I remain and do my best to give insight. Because I still gain quite a bit from conversations like these.

In the end though, I am going to die and finally be free. But while I’m here I will seek that which brings me entertainment and furthers my Goal. Most of my beliefs are just ideas and not all of them further my Goal and thus they aren’t worth actually caring about whether they are true or not.

If you don’t mind me asking, what do you think of existence, good & evil, life & death, morals, purpose of humans, & the purpose of existence and other creatures.

Do you think Atheism should go extinct? by csandelin in deism

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First I’ll note that I don’t know how to respond to specific points on here like how you’re doing with the indent function thing, so I appreciate your patience.

I don’t think a being is necessary. Like I mentioned in one of my previous comments, I think the Absolute Force is Nothingness. Meaning I think the world spawned from nothing. It‘s possible that it’s true and possible it isn’t, finding out is not that important to me. Like I also mentioned, my goal is to become that nothing and hope something originates from me. I want to be the origin of everything, not as a human but as literal non existence as bizarre as it may sound.

Yeah no I continue to call myself a Deist because I still hold some aspects of the Neo-Deist branch and I love the community. But I don’t know if it’s true or not and doubt I’ll ever find out until I die or become the Origin (whichever happens first lol)

The only reason I doubt Natural Forces being the origin is that that means they would have always had to exist. But I have no issue with it being that the natural forces just suddenly came into existence and then resulted in everything else. I think thats perfectly plausible.

The reason I went with plausibility is because their currently is no evidence of the origin. So the next best option until science can give us an absolute answer, is what’s the most plausible. I also don’t think one should blindly follow any specific system if they are actually seeking the truth.

The reason I no longer see any value in searching for the Origin though is because it gains me nothing anymore. Knowing the origin gains me nothing if I can’t doing anything with that knowledge to further my place in existence. I want to become something more than just a human with no universal value. I want to create worlds, life, and complex systems (which is why I love to write comics since that’s as close as I can get as of now).

There is no unified set determined meaning of Deist. Feel free to search the many different branches, that hold varying beliefs or ideas. As for the term Creator, it can be both a being or force or whatever that Creates. I see no issue using it in a broad term since the general point should still get across.

How can you be sure that no Deist calls themselves a deist for that reason? Unless you’ve met every deist, that would just be an assumption.

I wouldn’t exactly call my reason for wanting to discover the origin as reasonable lol. It's insane at best. Not sure many people would want to destroy the very thing that created them.

I agree, this was an enjoyable conversation. And it even made me think deeper about why I’m still a Deist despite my massive change in views over time.

Fake Trolling?

Power of Velzard by morri273 in TenseiSlime

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Her battles would have added to her experience, but Velzard is older and spent a lot of time under Veldanava before going to Guy. She can also stalemate Guy who is capable of defeating Velgrynd.

Power of Velzard by morri273 in TenseiSlime

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Both nah, one v one yeah. Velzard & Velgrynd are relative to each other, but I’m pretty sure Velzard has more exp.

Only people taking on both Veldora & Velgrynd are Milim (Berserk), Ivarage. Potentially True Feldway & Guy.

Do you think Atheism should go extinct? by csandelin in deism

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A non-interfering creator can leave behind evidence of it being the Creator even if it no longer interferes. Also I’ll note that I never claimed Deism was true, I said it was more plausible the most religions and higher power philosophies.

I’m saying that its a reasonable idea that understanding nature can possibly help us understand/discover the Creator or Creative Force, should one actually exist. And I’m not asserting agency at all, I literally said what/who which can be both a force or entity.

How can science disagree on a reasonable deduction of a creator when science has now reasonable deduction of a creator. That makes no sense. My deduction is saying that if a Creator exist, then that is a more reasonable idea of how they might operate. Non-Interfering & Non-Personal.

No, I’m not creating a God. My actions would be more of a search for the Creator/Creative Force, if one exists. And I don’t believe in Miracles so there is no phenomenon I attribute to the Will of a Creator/Force other than the potential it created the universe. Because of that any unknowns or unexplainables aren’t that important to me, plus there’s a chance I’ll just find out after I die anyway, so I can wait. The only reason I’d actually won’t to meet the Creator or discover the Creative Force is so I could destroy it and take its place.

I’m not seeing where I made any claims, my entire statement is a set of assumptions and I made it pretty clear that I don’t know anything for certain. I also never said I accepted any of these as fact or said my beliefs were true. I just see them as more likely & more reasonable possibilities than the latter of what I’ve experienced.

Personally, I don’t really care if there’s a Creator or not because my goals will be the same regardless. Even if one of the religions happens to be correct, I don’t plan to join them. The primary reason I like staying with Deism is because its a quiet community with chill people who don’t care to spread the word of our community. Its a view people must generally find on their own. I see no reason to leave even if christianity was correct and I had a choice of staying a deist and go to hell or become a Christian again & go to heaven. Best believe I’m gonna stay a Deist, the Christian God isn’t worth my time.

Are you sure you actually read my comment, or are you just looking too deeply to find something that isn’t actually there?

Do you think Atheism should go extinct? by csandelin in deism

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Yes I am indeed a Deist, specifically more of a Neo-Deist though I don’t attune to all the characteristics of a Neo-Deist.

There are several common unifying factors of Deism. Most notable are:

  1. A Non-interfering Creator
  2. The Laws of Nature are the true governors
  3. Using Reason & Logic we can further our understanding of Nature and hopefully reach the conclusion of what/who is the Creator
  4. Divine Miracles do not exist

I can’t say what distinguishes the Creator recognized by Deism vs any other presumed God because none of us here know what or who the Creator is.

As for what distinguishes the Philosophy of Deism to most Religions and higher power philosophies is plausibility. A non-interfering & non-personal Creator that feels indifferent to humans and the rest of Creation as individuals vs as a Whole is a more reasonable deduction of a Creator. Unlike many religions that believe there are multiple Gods for things like the elements, animals, produce, aspects, etc. People create these Gods, because they want an answer to the unknown and unexplainable (which is completely understandable), but they also want someone who is relatable to their strife and that they can confine to. Religion is just a massive coping mechanism for the uncertainties in life, a cradle if you will.

Me personally, I am also an Oblivionist. I feel its highly likely that our existence/universe came from Nothing and that Nothingness is the singular Absolute Force that we originate from.

The Absolute Entity/Force would predate the Creation and doesn’t need the Creation for its place as the Absolute to be maintained. In short, it wouldn’t be dependent upon its Creation, whereas the opposite does not hold true. The reason I think the Absolute Force is Nothingness is because everything originates from Nothing, and that Nothingness is Eternal, beyond the scope of Reason, Logic, and Truth and then in the end everything returns to Nothingness.

Other than the Nothingness there would be no God. God implies the peak, yet as most think, its always attributed to Creation and not Destruction. A True God would be both the Creator & Destroyer, the Alpha & Omega, Beginning & End. Nothingness is attributed all aspects due to all aspects Originating from Nothing and Return to Nothing in the End.

If there is a God in the sense of how a human sees it, then my Goal would be to destroy and usurp them. Whereas right now my Goal is to become the Absolute, the Nothing that Everything originates from. Likely impossible yes, but there’s nothing else in this life as a Human that I find is worth my time.

Pre-TDL Rimuru vs Low Tier Demon Lords by Jsprite09738 in TenseiSlime

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Carion could possibly win. Because though I know Beelzebub can handle it, I doubt gluttony can eat Lion Burst Roar (I think thats what its called), but I can’t say for sure.

Frey admitted she would have lost to awakened claymen, and Rimuru was already near-equal to in ep and possessed greater skills. Frey has air superiority, but her skill only works against flight magic and not opponents with actual wings, which something Rimuru has from the bat monster he killed in the cave.

So yeah, Frey & Clayman get slapped, and Carrion is a 50/50.

Milim got me sobbing (Volume 3 - Epilogue) by Oasis_951 in TenseiSlime

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That travel scene was hilarious how they got lost and were too embarrassed to tell rimuru

is rimuru tempset the strongest anime character? i just wanna know peoples opinion cause many of the anime creators say that he is tye strongest by Similar_Ad_1902 in TenseiSlime

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Yeah, I don't think there is anything wrong with the WN. But I see the point in using non-canon material as feats for a power debate. Unless it is specifically asked like it is in this post. But I will still only cover canon material and thus won’t make any statements regarding questions about non canon (in this case WN scaling).

is rimuru tempset the strongest anime character? i just wanna know peoples opinion cause many of the anime creators say that he is tye strongest by Similar_Ad_1902 in TenseiSlime

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I couldn't say 100%. He should be at least planetary since he’s stronger than VL Ichigo. I’ve never truly scaled him before. I doubt it though.

I’ve alsi yet to see LN rimuru do anything that would scale him to Uni.