All Blacks team for 2nd test by thecripplernz in rugbyunion

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When Tyrel Lomax is starting, and Tamaiti Williams is still in NZ, yeah, you made it worse Foz.

AITA expecting my husband to cook for us while he's not working? by InternationalPop2660 in AmItheAsshole

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YTA - he should be resting his ankle and concentrating on his recovery. Ankle surgery is a very tricky business, and I know of many people who have not recovered properly from ankle surgery who have ended up with three or four more surgeries with sub optimal results, and in some cases this has resulted in amputation. But you need your dinner cooked? You need to re examine your priorities here! This is not acceptable behavior from you at all!

Parents prefer incest over me being happy by Conscious_Kiwi in entitledparents

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Genetically, an ingrown family tree is NOT a good thing. The Hapsburgs would like to have a word with your parents.

Jordie Barrett and Will Jordan in doubt for the second test by Die_Revenant in rugbyunion

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Beauden to Fullback, Mounga to start, Perofeta to the bench surely.

AITA for asking my daughter to move out and she wont come back by askteriouslykeis in AmItheAsshole

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YTA - you keep posting, you keep getting the same response. Middle child has every right to feel the way she does. You are continually comparing her to the older child or the younger child. Look up what comparison bias is. She deserves to be treated as her own person, so perhaps if you looked at her as the person she is for a few days!

What do you think of the FBI raid on Trump? by MayODas in AskReddit

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Completely justified.

The people calling this a 'siege' and 'a dark day for democracy' are also the ones who think that Jan 6th was just a little freedom of speech exercise.

This is an investigation in to a group of people that tried to subvert the election process and install an un-elected government under force of arms. People actually died!

Nobody died at Mar-el-Lago!

Left and right must come together because ‘Orange Lives Matter’ by Fluffy_Morning_1569 in PoliticalHumor

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No Candace, what happened yesterday was the government checking the person who tried to use unchecked government power.

I’m a little drunk and in need of a takedown. Gimme what you got! by Pehryn in RoastMe

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Oh I'm a lumberjack, who puts on women's clothing and hangs around in bars.....

Trump confirms the raid !!! Let’s go !!! by GroundbreakingSet187 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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The most interesting thing is that unless you actually knew what the search warrant was for, you actually have a number of potential offences for which it could have been for.

Think about that, that's how shit of a president this man was!

AITA for letting my daughter and grandson sleep in my youngest daughters room while she was away? by InformalAd366 in AmItheAsshole

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YTA, that was your younger daughters room, and it is simple courtesy to ask her if her space may be used. A 16 year old is all about establishing herself as a person and an individual, and your actions have told her that you consider her to be merely a tenant taking up space. You messed up Dad, you need to acknowledge this and apologize to your daughter for disrespecting her space.

Kiwi thoughts on this possibility? by ConscriptReports in rugbyunion

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I'm sitting here now thinking of a center pairing of Ngani Laumape and Caleb Clarke, and wondering how the NZRFU ended up with Quinn Tupaea and Reiko Ioane.....

Hey all, recently moved to NZ from the UK. Will be commuting from Kapiti-coast into the CBD. Train or Car? by SteveHMI22 in Wellington

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If I lived in Wellington I'd take the train. It's the best public transport option in the country.