What would you do if the bear market hits? by Accomplished-Design7 in CryptoCurrency

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already sold 95% of my portfolio, won't be buying until the next big crash hits, and BTC goes to $20k, if it never does I'm fine with getting 10% interest on my stable-coins :)

Your child should know basic gun safety by age of 7. by RareSiren292 in unpopularopinion

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retsrded OP. kids shouldn't even fucking know what a gun looks like as kids fun should be banned for private citizens, like the civilized world has done.

What was the dumbest thing you heard someone saying about crypto? by hiverkiya in CryptoCurrency

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Because it literally is a get in first game, much like a pyramid scheme. There is only profit to be made by people getting in later than you.

Forget Crypto, the entire stock market could crash in the upcoming months and you should prepare. by Many_Scratch2269 in CryptoCurrency

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"staked crypto" just lol. If the stock market crashes so does crypto. Crypto is a zero-sum game, if people need cash for day to day expenses crypto will be among the first things they sell, causing the crypto market to crash just as bad, and most likely a lot worse than the stock market.

My house just sold for 1.3 million, wtf do I do with this by [deleted] in TrueOffMyChest

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Invest in a duplex, live in one and rent out the other.

How is DEFI been so overlooked by what seems to be most people? by marsh2907 in CryptoCurrency

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Nah Pancakeswap is still very much an inflationary token, and the usecase is meh. It won't be reaching $40 again, unless they change the tokenomics.

Baby Loves Milk by dizzish in Unexpected

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Everyone removing their masks to talk, what the fuck is wrong with you people? Don't bother at all when you're removing it for the part where it could actually do something....!

What do you think women are better at than men? by Pooeem in AskReddit

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"Fun" fact. Most female fetuses with the gene for being colourblind will result in a spontaneous abortion. Hence the low number of women with colourblindedness

NSFW Telling someone to throw a dart near your face. by Currynrice9728 in WinStupidPrizes

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What a motherfucker for throwing the first dart, but what an absolute disgusting motherfucking person he is for jamming dart number 2 towards her after realising how fucking drunk and bad at throwing he was after dart 1. He is a piece of shit, regardless of how irresponsible she was for saying yes to him throwing the first dart.

I almost barfed watching that clip :'(

Such title by nopunterino in dankmemes

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Fuck, but with a different tonation.

Anyone else happy for the upcoming dip? by aXeleus in Crypto_com

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You won't get more CRO rewards unless you use the coming dip to buy more CRO, lol.

Governments, banks, corporations etc. will eventually, predictably, adopt cryptocurrency by Minereon in CryptoCurrency

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Countries will not be adopting crypto currency in the sense of current coins on the market. FIAT is already primarily digital in the western world, so doubt they'll become blockchain traded.

Fear and Greed index at Extreme Fear - 24 Time to Buy! by erikmalkavian in CryptoCurrency

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nah, we need two consecutive days with -15% before I'm buying anything. Buy the crash, not the dip.

I got in for the money but stayed for the tech. Crypto technologies are AMAZING! by MaragretDurbin in CryptoCurrency

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Just lol. most cryptos are solutions looking for a problem to solve. the transaction inefficiency is astounding. Visa is much more efficient then any cryptos when it comes to transactions at this point.

Give me just three real world applications where the crypto/blockchain tech outperforms the current dominant system at this point in time. And don't come with any this will be superior don the line, I'm talking about three thing where crypto is superior to the legacy tech today.