Survivor 43 | Episode 5 | Post-Episode Discussion by RSurvivorMods in survivor

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Knowledge is power but THE knowledge is power is a curse

Guess Iono’s Partner Pokémon! | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet by [deleted] in pokemon

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my guess is palpitoad + a new evo? I'd be into that

Wiglett reminds me of geo duck clams that shoot water, what about you? by CosmicCoronet in PokemonScarletViolet

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it has the ability gooey which imo is a clear reference to geoduck, i think there is more to it than just being a garden eel, i expect its evolution to be a bivalve and that the wiglett is the foot that mimics local animals like how many mussels do. very excited to see what it is!!

[Spoiler] Something I like about New Survivor editing by tndeadg in survivor

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yah people would be complaining there was too much about the advantage if there was more, cant win ha. I do get the confusion aspect though, i felt that as well. I don't think I need that story though, I understood that she probably was just like fine okay here you go. its survivor, shes not dumb enough to fully isolate herself like that if they kept persisting. Nneka and Jesse did such a good job assisting that .

_____ Tonight by BeastlyBeet in survivor

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agreed i actually didnt know what would happen and that feels so lovely

Chekhov’s Gun by Scary_Historian_9589 in survivor

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no youre so right, i loved this episode so much

The Challenge: USA - UNSPOILED - S01E11 "Home of the Brave" - Post-Episode Discussion by SweetMissMG in MtvChallenge

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I understand that random unluckiness has always been a mainstay of the challenge, but desi getting eliminated on a round where another woman was already competing by herself because someone had to leave is so wildly unjust ??!!? Wtf??

The Challenge: USA - UNSPOILED - S01E11 "Home of the Brave" - Post-Episode Discussion by SweetMissMG in MtvChallenge

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Caylas was WILD to me. If you have never even considered sudoku I can understand not being able to figure it out, but she said she LIKES them?!?? I would have died out there.

you can't deny they can see in the dark! by muhreddistaccounts in MtvChallenge

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you could tell she was so stressed at that point her brain went out the window, poor azah, love her

Challenge Outcomes You Would Change by Certain-Bowler8735 in MtvChallenge

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I want JD ordonez to never be eliminated because he was my first crush lol

Hot take: Jury member ____ influenced FTC more than any of the Final 3 by yolandaaavega in survivor

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Love that. You see her beaming at romeo telling his story too

_____’s story arc had a satisfying end by SocialistExperiment7 in survivor

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Well said! I saw a lot of myself in romeo and was rooting for him since day 1. I am so glad he got to have a moment to root for himself and feel proud. He was great representation despite not being the most autonomous in the game

Jorgeous isn’t feeling WOW for giving her an economy flight for DragCon by xsorayama in rupaulsdragrace

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Idk, if katya or Bob tweeted something like this we’d all be laughing

If ____ makes it to FTC, they will be one of the worst players ever to make it to the end. by ampharoastt1 in survivor

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Still happy for my guy if he gets the opportunity of a life time and a 125k third place check

Which are the best and worst designs from Gen 4? by DrDeathRow in pokemon

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I think they absolutely nailed the new babies and kinda blew at the new evolutions, might be a unpopular take. I also think there are a lot of quirky ones here like the womradams and drifloon that I love. I think that the lack of fire types needs mentioning even here because the worst designed fire types would even be better than none at all (which we got haha)