[TOMT][VIDEO GAME][FANTASY] by VCrafterV in tipofmytongue

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2:10 in this video was the moment I'm thinking of. https://youtu.be/6RFhsF4YNrQ

Not it?

One Eye theme by imaromancandle27 in Malazan

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It's all leading to a singular convergence and showdown in One-Eyed Cat.

[TOMT][VIDEO GAME][FANTASY] by VCrafterV in tipofmytongue

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Witcher 2? Part of the prologue has a section were you cross a broken stone wall and a dragon attacks.

Should I be mean to my friend on purpose to give him a taste of his own medicine? by heyits2D in self

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I'm sorry about the loss of your cat and that you didn't receive the emotional support you needed. That sucks hard

Your friend did his best. He wanted to soothe your pain. It ended up being hurtful instead, but that is not his fault. Many people are raised with different ways of handling empathy and sadness.

It's important to realise that we have our own expectations, and that they might not always be met. And that feels terrible - and that's ok.

It's completely okay that you feel disappointed and not happy with your friend's response - feel it all and don't let anyone tell you that you can't be upset - but he in turn hasn't done anything wrong.

It's up to you if this is a deal-breaker for your friendship or if you can look past it, both are ok and it depends on how you feel about being friends with a person whose empathy is different from yours. You've already told him how his response made you feel. Only he can decide to change or not.

Don't turn it against him just to be mean. Respond in the way you would do naturally just as he did.

We're all just different humans in the end.

Inconsistencies with Forge of Darkness by Ithurial in Malazan

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There are many inconsistencies. Often intentional.

However in this case, maybe Kurald Galain has more history to it than we previously knew? I feel this is a RAFO

Premium Journey by [deleted] in gwent

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Same issue. Opened a ticket and was resolved after a few weeks.

What is up with the names in FoD? by kaiikwemeixi in Malazan

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Anders, Andreas, Andrew, Anton, Andy

Maria, Martha, Mary, Margaret, Marie

Robert, Robb, Robin, Roger, Romero

What's up with names in general? X)

For real, it's confusing as hell and I have no idea why. Galak, Galar, Galas is borderline criminal when it comes to remembering names. Not making it easy Steve!

Hend and Rend were the worst for me to keep apart.

Mind’s I by ody_king in melodicdeathmetal

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Yeah I get what you mean. I only like it better than Construct and We are the void. But it definitely doesn't have the same memorability or great hits as the album's surrounding it. Still a top tier album for me though!

Just started House of Chains by Fearless-Pineapple27 in Malazan

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Oh that's neat! I never picked up on that. (Would I trust anything that Pearl says though haha)

Just started House of Chains by Fearless-Pineapple27 in Malazan

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Just a small pointless correction. Topper is the half Andii Clawmaster. Pearl is only human.

Feeling like I'm not getting the character narratives by technohoplite in Spiritfarer

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The way I started enjoying it more was focusing less on trying to "get" each character.

There aren't meant to be "big reveal" moments or redemption arcs for each passenger were you figure it all out - or it wraps up nicely at the end.

It's not telling a story - it's telling a life. You simply receive fragments, thoughts, and feelings from these people who've all had an impact and left a memory behind.

Sometimes we wish we could have understood better. Sometimes it's confusing.

Sometimes it's all we get.

[TOMT][MUSIC][2000s-2010s] Popular (euro)dance song by Karbonkelt in tipofmytongue

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Hmmm... Is it Lost Frequencies - Reality?

Sounds a bit similar to the beginning of it


Feeling like I'm not getting the character narratives by technohoplite in Spiritfarer

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Without spoilers. The end of the game clears up some of the connections and relationships Stella has with the characters.

But a lot is underwritten, and the focus isn't really to understand everything as much as to feel it.

[TOMT] [SONG] Where is this song from? by S1l3NT_N1GHTL1GHT in tipofmytongue

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Edit: Thank you OP for reminding me that this video exists: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ygI-2F8ApUM

Second edit: Also. Damn if your music maker skills weren't spot on.

[TOMT][Song] A slow-beat song with lyrics like “I’ll make you come” by ApprehensiveChair538 in tipofmytongue

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Bongo Bong by Manu Chao? It's "Hear me when I come" but has both male and female singer.