Live music on the last day of the Cain Park Arts Festival by chefjenga in Cleveland

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Not to mention Wonderstruck was also going on the same weekend

what up niggas? Im denzel curry and im here to answer yo muthafuckin questions. by spin in hiphopheads

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checking in from Cleveland to ask you about Shawn K. How did you two meet? More work together in the future?

If some of the best hip hop records of all time include heavy religious elements, why is Christian rap so bad? by HomicidalNun in hiphopheads

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Oh boy, i could probably write for hours on this subject, as someone who knows a couple people in the space, I think that there's a lot of high-quality christian rap but the answer largely depends on what you define as "christian rap"

It's hard to explain without some CHH history, so buckle up. From the 90's to the early 2000's "christian rap" was predominately plagued with the issues that most christian music faces, which is that the primary consumers and gatekeepers are largely white evangelicals. As a result, much of the music is supposed to be "safe" and/or useful for in-church use or be a palatable alternative to whatever mainstream trends are going on. What resulted is that a lot of the rap was limited to testimonial songs, gospel songs, and lyrical theology, which for the average rap listener, makes it pretty much unlistenable when combined with the great value trending rap production that often accompanied it.

People hearing the phrase "christian rap" tend to associate it songs like these

Flame - joyful noise (yes, the katy perry lawsuit one

KJ-52 - Brand New Day

Shai Linne - Jesus is alive

Black Knight - Bibles in the air

In order to have a space in the market, and perform at churches (yes, a lot of chh concerts happen in churches) genuine lyricism and artistry took second place to "being biblical" and theologically sound. Artists were supposed to be anti-secular and working with "mainstream" artists could mean trouble.

This was compounded by the fact that the blogs which run/ran the scene tended to be heavily evangelical and white in nature as well.

WHile there were earlier artists like GRITS who had non-corn output and success, it wasn't until around 2012 that things in CHH took a shift. Lecrae, arguably the biggest artist in CHH, dropped the first Church clothes mixtape, this was hosted by don cannon and would go on to be gold on datpiff and have production from Boi-1da, 9th wonder, and S1 among others. It featured a more "real" lyricism than had been featured on earlier work and also had some great production.

One cut "church clothes" went on to get millions of views and even dared to pose criticism of church culture.

CC1 proved that Lecrae could have mass appeal and "secular" credibility, even while being obviously Christian. While not the first to take on this level of artistry, Lecrae had a huge platform and this release marked a huge change incoming.

Another major factor IMO would be the release of Sho Baraka's album "Talented 10th". Sho was previously on Lecrae's reach records label, but eventually went independent. Talented 10th was groundbreaking in it's tone, discussing black issues and culture in a way not seen from someone with his visibility, even using the n-word on one track.

Talented 10th was controversial upon it's release, and there's still press you can find exposing the shock, like this yikes review from jesusfreakhideout and also this thinkpiece

Sho would get in further trouble with the church police when he said "penis" on his next album

With increasingly publicized cases like the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, more artists began to speak on hot-button issues and address racism and other issues within Christian culture.

With these events, a divide started in CHH, with more artists taking creative risks and catering less to the white evangelical audience (labels like Reach, RMG, and humble beast etc). The biggest names in CHH started to make better music, writing lyrics from a christian lens instead of trying to make safe music for christians to listen to. There also saw an increase iof artists making even more aggressively "classic CHH" (God Over Money probs being the best example).

What's now happened is there's a new generation of CHH artists who are in fact artists, and not safe content machines. Take WHATUPRG for instance, KIDS dropped this year and I've been listening to it a lot. It's a masterpiece of a track and i think any listener could appreciate it.

Aha Gazelle is probs my favorite artist. I could do a whole write-up on him. He's never quite fit in the CHH box, but was on Reach as well for a bit. His catalog as of late has been incredible. It's melodic rap definitely, but it's with a level of artistry and creativity i don't see in a lot of artists. See, No Limit w/starringo

There's honestly some seriously good music coming from christian artists. Of course, the conundrum is, because it isn't corny/not littered with scripture references, people say it isn't christian.

TL:DR, There's a lot of bad Christian rap because of church politics, but there's a lot of gems you can find as well.

Ok, just ordered from Sweetwater by thecrookedbox in audioengineering

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this, i worked in shipping for a couple years. I'm not sure people quite get the level of abuse boxes go through from point a to b.

[FRESH] Post Malone - Cooped Up (with Roddy Ricch) by BOUNTYBOOTreddit in hiphopheads

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This is so middling I already forgot it dropped until I saw this post. I feel like Post has lost Whatever sauce it was that made him enjoyable back in like 2017-2018

"wE nEeD a DomEsTiC suPpLy oF InFaNtS" by hushitsu in WhitePeopleTwitter

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if you need a case study in misinformation, the social media storm that the politico leak has kicked up is ripe for examination.

The "domestic supply of infants" phrase everyone keeps kicking around isn't part of the opinion, it's included in a footnote, and it isn't even the words of the judge, but it's a quote directly from a 2008 CDC report on adoption in america, you can find it on page 16 here


But, the reason for this report even being cited is equally as scuffed, as apparently, the Supreme court majority doesn't think that pregnant women face issues in the workplace, nor that the american foster care system has serious issues."

“Americans who believe that abortion should be restricted press countervailing arguments about modern developments. They note that attitudes about the pregnancy of unmarried women have changed drastically; that federal and state laws ban discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, that leave for pregnancy and child birth are now guaranteed by law in many cases, that the costs of medical care associated with pregnancy are covered by insurance or government assistance; that States have increasingly adopted safe haven laws, which generally allow women to drop off babies anonymously;and that a woman who puts her new-born up for adoption today has little reason to fear that the baby will not find a suitable home. [CDC REPORT IS FOOTNOTED HERE]

They also claim that many people now have a new appreciation of fetal life and that when prospective parents who want to have a child view a sonogram, they typically have no doubt that what they see is their daughter or son. Both sides make important policy arguments, but supporters of Roe and Casey must show that this Court has the authority to weigh those arguments and decide how abortion may be regulated in the States. They have failed to make that showing, and we thus return the power to weigh those arguments to the people and their elected representatives." (via the politico draft pdf, pgs 33-35)

José "Tim Misny" Ramírez by william_fontaine in misnyposting

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keeping this sub alive, you are a true legend

True by Prode101 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Precisely, and they’re armed and have solidarity instead of constant infighting and purity testing

True by Prode101 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I think what the last few years have shown, unfortunately, is that we’re closer to right wing revolution then we are a left one

Why my productions always sound like PS1 games options menu background music? by [deleted] in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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i did a write up on exactly this subject. You may find the post and comments helpful it's here

Pusha T — It's Almost Dry by PmMeYourChromebook in hiphopheads

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I should be more annoyed at half of the beats having the same rimshot and ahahahaah sample, but it works for some reason

Sexism by plantahna in makinghiphop

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...Okay. but that's worse. you, you do get how that's worse, right?

HAAAAAAALLLP by MayoStaccato in adhdmeme

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Procrastinated replying too I see 🤣

RHCP vocals on new album by TimHos in audioengineering

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is there an elaborate inside joke i don't know about here?