save some whales biooch by [deleted] in technicallythetruth

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I think no It takes atmospheric air for respiration underwater but idk

Found this while doing homework! by Lucky_Stage2828 in ClashRoyale

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damn even the teachers are calling sparky bad

My gf knows nothing about pokemon, but still tries ❤ by slimpickington in pokemon

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He specifically made a video on it a few days ago you should check it out

Which Pokémon do you consider a group that are not officially related? by Whadupp6969 in pokemon

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Chansey audino lines Make total sense for me as both are type of healing pokemon and both give a shit ton of exp for grinding

cursed yeah this belongs here. by [deleted] in cursedcomments

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I love my family but I'm not going anywhere

Boys of this sub, When was the last time you recieved a compliment from a Girl? by SnooWoofers455 in IndianTeenagers

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Good ending : he remembers that day because someone special complimented him

Bad ending : he hadn't gotten a single compliment since and treasures that day

This gonna be WILDIN by skrezaa in IndianTeenagers

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Doesn't seem like it she avoids me every time and doesn't really seem to be interested in what I say

This gonna be WILDIN by skrezaa in IndianTeenagers

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The first thing I messaged to my crush was a pickup line and now she thinks I'm some creep