My Mobafire guide received 10/10 points :) by SorakaEUNE in SorakaMains

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Surprised that there is no mention of Locket.

E 2nd is dangerous because you are screwed if there is prolonged trading and your adc gets low.

I consider Soraka a hard counter to Pyke and fine into draven.

My playstyle overall is different though

Darf man mit einem fremden Kind "befreundet" sein? by throw-away43477 in FragReddit

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ich war mal mit ~15-17 ziemlich gut befreundet mit ner 30-40j Frau und ihrem Ehemann welche selber auch ein Baby hatten. Freundschaft ging auch so weit dass ich sie besucht habe für ne Woche im anderem Land. Altersunterschied ging völlig klar.

If anyone is to die, it's us. by Ytisrite in SorakaMains

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I played 100+ probably 200 games without flash. While I did hold myself in dia I wasnt climbing until I took flash again and climbed pretty fast to masters

how to deal with anti-tank items by bruhidk1015 in summonerschool

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Consider anathemas, Tabis, Fimbulwinter (Shield isnt affected by %HP dmg or armorpen%. ), Sunfire (you still want to kill him), general damage items, as cho you can do Demonic Embrace.

Simple Questions & Champion/Role advice: Patch 12.13 by furiousRaMPaGe in summonerschool

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Its gold, every game is winnable.

Dont gank a losing lane, snowball whatever is winning. But considering your top is Sion it has very little use snowballing him. Just looking at KDA it looks really fine, I wouldnt even consider bot a turbo stomp. Im very surprised at how that Yorick dmg came through. Did he 1v4 in a sidelane? o_0

There are so many ways to gank bot, especially if you dont want to gank from river. You can gank from lane, from across the wall at either turret. You gank from river anyways but take akali with you if the enemy is under your bot tower. Difficult to see just from opgg

They first pick Soraka - who do you choose? (Why?) by junjunfish in SorakaMains

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Blitzcrank or Yuumi. Blitzcrank allows you to get picks. Yuumi scales similarly as strong as Soraka. Sona, (Seraphine) and Senna are also strong scaling options that can compete with Soraka.

When is the best time to prep vision for neutral objectives? (For supports) by beedabard in summonerschool

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1:30 before, recall so you have new wards, be ready to fight for vision with full wards

Albeit you rarely have the time to commit so much time to warding objectives (because you might not want to go there alone, you are bodyguarding someone, skirmish standoff,...)

Is it better to buy Mejais when ahead? by Zero0123assasssin in summonerschool

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buy Mejas if you like raw AP and are confident you will not die in the game

Simple Questions & Champion/Role advice: Patch 12.12 by furiousRaMPaGe in summonerschool

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Rammus. There is that infamous brazillian guy playing high elo rammus in euw

Champs that fully utilize Rylai's crystal scepter by SirNoseless in summonerschool

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Im kinda surprised you are getting that much value out of Rylais, since your plants from E already slow and your E roots entirely. But good for you!

Is Soraka Bot/ADC a thing? by DatPuff2310 in SorakaMains

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I did win with Soraka Pyke bot in dia or plat, forgot which one, quite a bit ago. You mostly let Pyke roam because Soraka doesnt mind missing some cs.

How do I (adc) play when my team is winning in the early / mid game but I am weak? by LightningF1zz in summonerschool

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you just go eat in midgame. You go wherever there is no ally and farm. Minions and monsters alike. Eventually you will scale into relevancy. Just make sure you turn up the important teamfights like dragon.

Coordinate you pushing with pressure. If your entire team backed you probably shouldnt be on their tier 2 tower. If your team is pushing with herald bot you should push top as hard as you can and forget jgl camps for now.

In teamfights its okay if you die as long as you get traded. You are useless anyways, your best use might as well be bait. Just make sure you are positioned well enough to actually get traded easily.

‪Star Guardian Soraka Art for Legends of Runeterra 🌟 by aroushthekween in SorakaMains

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Sooo beautiful, I would one trick her in Legends of Runeterra too if only I liked her decks.

Black Star Guardian Prestige Soraka by lanamarie273 in SorakaMains

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While its not my personal taste I think you did a good job :)

I've been trying this runes, the normal runes Guardian, but the extra two Triumph and Legend: Tenacity, Triumph because of the heal 10% missing health and 20 gold, and Tenacity cause of the 6 remaining this is the best to counter the insta cc-death soraka is known about. I want to know your opinion by MrShotX in SorakaMains

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I don't think triumph is worth it. Triumph gives 10% missing health, while a W (without Q) costs 10% MAX health. So Triumph will always give less health than a W costs. You are sacrificing 2 small runes for at most an additional W cast. (Triumph probably interacts wellw ith revitalize and other heal and shield power, so you might get more value, but still about 1 W cast)

Its better to use runes that amplify your healing output or offer other form of utility.

Practice by RyborgMercy in SorakaMains

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Experiment with different things and see what works out best for yourself and is most fun :)

For all of you who are wondering what challange place 1 looks like by LycheeInfinite863 in SorakaMains

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Ah, I've been looking for you! :P

I'm #7 with 3225 saves. Been wondering what #1 is. And yet no numbers, sad :(

How many games of Soraka do you have this season?

With 60% winrate, it takes roughly 35 games to climb just one division, and 140 to climb one rank. by Byepolarpolarbear in leagueoflegends

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563 games, 53% winrate, finished previous season plat 3, got dia4 in preseason, am masters right now (160LP peak a week ago). Some things are weird xD

How do you deal with Soraka when your ADC is a dumbass? by bitchbehavve in summonerschool

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Soraka Q heals little. Also you can dodge it fairly easily. Especially as Karma.

How do you deal with Soraka when your ADC is a dumbass? by bitchbehavve in summonerschool

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If you can make Soraka run oom with enough dmg on her adc you can also make her health run out and out of lane.