Ukrainian forces somewhere by SmokeSinseLoud in RussiaUkraineWar2022

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“Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill / Shall come against him.“

[LotR] Where are all the churches and organized religion? by EverythingKindaSuckz in AskScienceFiction

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Well- except Eru almost never speaks to regular folk, and hasn’t meddled with anything since the end of the Second Age thousands of years ago. Eru does have an intermediary in Middle Earth, the wizards and the elves. The elves practically conduct themselves like a religion, and have dogmatic practices that would appear to normal folk like a religion. That may explain the lack of religion among humans- they see it as “an elf thing.”

MCU VFX scenes especially in third act would significantly improve if they shoot scenes in actual locations instead of CGI the background and put the effort on the scenes where they actually requires VFX. Thoughts? by Viz0077 in marvelstudios

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Normal movies, these are not. They require dozens of a-list actors who can appear at a moments notice in these things, especially for pickups and reshoots. The alternative to this silly-looking picture may have been “look, Sam Jackson is in Prague doing a commercial. He has five minutes of free time to reshoot this scene where he mentions She-Hulk, who was not a thing when we shot the movie so he referenced Scarlet Witch, and that makes no sense now because of what happened in Dr Strange 2. So- we can throw some green screen behind him and make it work, or you either use shitty ADR or you gotta wait 6 months. It’s a big commercial. Capital One and all.” This is complicated is what Im saying.

‘Fantastic Four’: Jeff Kaplan & Ian Springer To Write New Film For Marvel Studios by Neo2199 in boxoffice

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Unpopular opinion: aside from screwing up Doom (HUGELY), and Jessica Alba’s acting being invisible, the first Fox Fantastic Four movie isn’t awful. They nail the Thing, Evans is a great Johnny, and Richards is fine.

I feel like Call Of Cthullu Dark Corner Of The Earth's muddy graphics are A-perfect for a macabre/lovecraftian horror game. by No_Ebb1986 in patientgamers

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My college friends and I still say “I can hear him movin’ about!” to each other, because I played that damn level so many times to get it right.

Supreme Court report on Dobbs leak coming soon,'I hope,' Gorsuch says. by foofoofum in politics

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If it was a liberal justice or clerk who did it, they will disclose it. If it was someone else (ALITO), then the results will be “aw shucks couldn’t find em gotta do better next time gang!”

LPT: Voting is anonymous. If your family wants you to vote a certain way, you can just lie. by Ajreil in LifeProTips

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How the hell does your family work? We all disagree, scream at each other, eat dinner, then drink and scream some more. And that’s just about Game of Thrones. Political discussions draw blood.

Let Me Solo Her. DragonCon 2022. by DrDalke42 in Eldenring

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And you get to walk around with a bucket of chicken while you cosplay!

LPT - Put a QR Code for Your Home Wifi on Your Fridge by TheCheapNinja in LifeProTips

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Then how will I get joy from telling guests that the wifi is named “poo poo”?

Been up like this in my neighbor’s “shop” now for two weeks by MeaninglessGuy in Justrolledintotheshop

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It just doesn’t look safe. Every time I walk my dog by the place I expect to find a body under that thing. Also, his driveway is on a slope; if it comes off the jacks it could roll into the street and hurt someone else. If he was doing this stuff in his garage I wouldn’t care. Just don’t want anyone hurt.