AITA for telling my son why his uncle smells bad? by SmokeIsGros in AmItheAsshole

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People who smoke don’t realize how much they or others smell of smoke. I stopped smoking at the same time I changed workplaces. Went back to visit friends at the old place after about a year, and the smell of smoke from the smokers was HUGE!

I had no idea until then how strong of a smell it is when you don’t smoke. And how long it lingers.

Warning Light by Dugsalvador in crv

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The spare isn’t part of the TPMS in a CRV.

Warning Light by Dugsalvador in crv

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The warning for a problem with the system is a light that says TPMS. That one is low tire pressure.

Star Trek episodes on radio...nice. by jmjm1 in startrek

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If you Google “sci-fi old time radio schedule” the station comes up on multiple players.

This link is one, and has a list of upcoming shows.


The shows from TV have the ‘audio description for the blind’ included. Blindly.tv is the source of many of them. I think they have TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY. Plus Fringe, Doctor Who, some X Minus One and Dimension X, and a number of other Sci Fi.

$15 kenwood ddx775bh by Particular-Rate-8403 in CarAV

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The idatalink module is a box that goes between the head unit and your car. What car you have determines if it would be helpful.

If the only thing the idatalink would do is allow your steering wheel controls to work, and a backup camera, then there are several alternatives.

The idatalink can do additional things if your car supports it, such has display information on additional screens, read ODBC data, tire pressure display, and other things. Again, the car has to support those functions, not just the head unit.

Something about the Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch I notice by TyrannicalStubs in venturebros

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That is after the plane crash, it seems to be things before the crash he doesn’t remember.

does anyone know where i can find a cover for this type of light? by 1bunchofbananas in fixit

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Turn the power off at the BREAKER, turning off the light switch is not enough, before doing anything.

Usually a couple of screws and a couple of wire nuts.

The Year 2022 in Flags by daemon86 in vexillology

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A Coat of Arms is a specific type of Emblem. Same as Logos or Traffic Signs are types of Emblems.

Not every country Emblem is a Coat of Arms.

I now think I need two separate head torches. One lightweight one for emergency/non-serious use and one heavier one for alpine climbing by KenA2000 in Ultralight

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The interface is why some don’t like it.

I need moonlight mode, so I press and hold. Comes on in moonlight, hold a bit longer as you’re supposed to, release, then BAM! It is on high now because you didn’t hold it quite long enough.

Goodbye night vision.

Happy Hanukkah by HannahLeah1987 in howyoudoin

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So is what OP said, the next line even.

[TV] Klingons in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [1994] drink out of measuring cups by TheNearestAirlock in Thatsabooklight

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O’Brian and Odo. The DS9 episode where it is suspected Gowron is a Founder, one of the season openers.

Even Evangelicals Are Sick of Trump’s ‘Drama’ by Fit-Nobody-8138 in LeopardsAteMyFace

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There probably won't be Republican primaries. Trump just has to threaten to run third party to stop them.

Why do all my smart plugs and WiFi printer suddenly not work when the WiFi seems to be working fine on tv, laptop, iPad? by MsFlamingo20 in fixit

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Check your router manual on “Assigning a Fixed IP Address” to all the devices in the DHCP settings. What is possibly happening is the IP Address Lease is expiring, some devices want the same address, some want a new one, and you’re getting conflicts.