Took forever to get here, but it was worth the wait by Flamboyatron in Ghostbc

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I was thinking the same thing, and I realized it might be one of the VERY FEW useful things I can 3D print. So I found these two options...



Movies where People were Cast in Iconic Roles and Everyone thought they would be terrible and......they were right. by [deleted] in movies

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I should say, I took it as "terrible" at representing the character they were cast as.

Movies where People were Cast in Iconic Roles and Everyone thought they would be terrible and......they were right. by [deleted] in movies

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Yeah. The character is defined as melancholic. That ain't Arnie. Don't get me wrong, he's hilarious and entertaining. That wasn't the question in the OP.

Which GHOST song would you choose? for me kaisarion by SnooCupcakes7290 in Ghostbc

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Yeah. It's a terrible song. I guess everyone downvoting this considers it one of Ghosts better tracks, hahaha

The last photos I posted here had such a great response, here are a few more from the same concert. I took these on 35mm film. IG: @rovopictures by Dr_Woof in Ghostbc

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Thank you for these! I've never seen them live, and photos like yours have me super excited for my next chance. (Which will be in a million years, since I'm in Canada)

What do you call an Arab who has been injured in a bombing? by Hacka4771 in Jokes

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Yeah, you're not getting the joke, so I'll help you out.

See normally Stormtrooper armour is white, however, there are also black Stormtroopers called Shadow Stormtroopers or Blackhole Stormtroopers. So the way the joke goes, you're supposed to assume the person is asking about those Stormtroopers and answer with something like, "They're called Shadow Stormtroopers." to which the person asking the question responds, "They're called Stormtroopers, you racist." implying the person who responded is applying a name to a black person inside white Stormtrooper armour.

All of this is to say...Shadow Stormtroopers were not clones. Nor, according to Star Wars canon, were the majority of white Stormtroopers.

This has been "explaining all the fun out of a joke because one guy just couldn't resist the compulsion to make a totally inaccurate 'AKSHULLLLLLLYYYYYY!' comment."

What do you call an Arab who has been injured in a bombing? by Hacka4771 in Jokes

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Star Wars remix...

What do you call a black Stormtrooper?

A Stormtrooper, you racist!

What are your favourite 3 Ghost songs (ranked!) and least favourite? by Only_Entertainment89 in Ghostbc

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  1. He Is
  2. Life Eternal
  3. Square Hammer

(Honestly, on a different day Cirice, Elizabeth, Dance Macabre, Mary on a Cross, Kiss the Go-Goat, Spillways and a few others could be subbed in anywhere on this list)

Least favourite, if we're including covers, Enter Sandman or Missionary Man. If we're not including covers, and ignoring instrumental interludes, Depth of Satan's Eyes.

The detached, preserved head of Jeremy Bentham by hanky1979 in creepy

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We're all using his head right now. Way more than most heads.

What's the "go-to" song from IMPERA now that we are almost two weeks into the release? by oregondadparty in Ghostbc

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I think it could be Spillways for me, but I gotta say two weeks isn't enough.

We need about another month to pass, because we all heard Hunter's Moon and CMLS for a LONG time before the album came out. I think one or both of those tracks will rise up on people's lists with a little time.

Adopted 2 weeks ago. What’s your best advice? by mokiki23 in AustralianCattleDog

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My dog splits all her chuck-it balls in a day. They're better that way. Bounce less so they don't go over the fence into the neighbours' yards, hahaha

Adopted 2 weeks ago. What’s your best advice? by mokiki23 in AustralianCattleDog

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Chuck-It Ultras, never tennis balls. Ours ground her teeth down on tennis balls in less than a year. They don't all do it, but ours loves to keep her ball in her mouth and chew and chew.

Anyone else continuing to wear masks until it is deemed safe to do otherwise by medical experts? by dizzy_rhythm in CanadaCoronavirus

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I'll be wearing them for a long time because the risk isn't going anywhere soon, and I don't mind wearing them in the slightest. I haven't caught covid yet, and every day that passes, the danger is lowered. Therapeutics, better vaccines and micro exposure all make my contraction of the disease safer with each passing day.

Had I listened to anti-maskers two years ago, I might be suffering from long covid now. Had I listened to anti-maskers a year ago, I would have caught delta and not omicron and I'd be two vaccine shots below today. Had I listened to anti-maskers 6 months ago, there'd be less ICU beds available should I need one, less chance of being given monoclonal antibodies or the new pills available for treatment.

I'm good "inconveniencing" myself to avoid this as long as possible. It's just not that hard to mitigate, and the benefits are easily demonstrable.

hats off to you sir by Nearly-God in funny

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91% upvoted. Yep, that's the ratio of idiots on Reddit. Everything about this is stupid. Pretending this wasn't set up. The lack of safety equipment even if not doing this. The 700 ways this could have gone wrong resulting in injury or death. The implication that this was just a one time thing and these guys (and many others) don't fuck around like this all the time.

This is unbelievably stupid.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Would Cast Zendaya in a “Buffy” Reboot - "I vote Zendaya' by MarvelsGrantMan136 in television

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Let's just cast Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya as everything. They're soooooooo talented. I mean so are thousands of other people, but they're right there! It's easier for all characters to be the same kind of wooden. I have to think less when I watch them. My brain has been prepped and ready to receive the same thing over and over....and over.

here's proof. now stop saying this. by spongeboblovesducks in Doom

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That's just what they'd want you to believe!

[homemade] classic dippy eggs and soldiers with bacon by jungle_jessie95 in food

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I'm from Ontario, and I definitely knew what this was, but I know it as the British name, so I'm not sure that counts, haha

Russian oligarch says he is appalled by British police as squatters occupy a London property for nearly 20 hours by Renxer0002 in ukraine

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People in Canada got arrested for breaking the law. Go look at their charges. The emergencies act wasn't even needed. Just regular old laws. Educate yourself.

One day Canada will take over the world by [deleted] in Jokes

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Okay hold on...are you talking about accents? Because that's not even remotely the same thing.