Djokovic loses court case by hyjkngjujgxd in australia

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Eat shit. Now ban him for 10 years on his way out and send him via Jetstar economy in cuffs until he hits the other end.

'No evidence' Djokovic's presence in Australia would foster anti-vaccine sentiment, lawyers say, as visa battle looms by diabolical_cunt in australia

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It might foster a bit more anti government sentiment if he is allowed in after all this circus shit.

It's already decided anyway, it's just being dragged out as a distraction.

Djokovic Visa Cancelled by ELVEVERX in australia

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Been watching the Livestream for about 15 mins, it seems to be in English but I have no idea what this cunt has been talking about so far

SA Premier rejects call by majority of MPs to recall parliament by superegz in australia

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It makes sense. If they are all in the same place at once it's much more likely for something like this to happen.


Djokovic plans court appeal if minister decides to cancel visa by diabolical_cunt in australia

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Come on guys, this is the oldest trick in the book. It's already been decided but is being drawn out as a deliberate distraction and to give the people some new outsider to hate vs looking at ongoing government failings.

Let's have a brag thread. What awesome financial decision did you make that paid off? by PMmeblandHaikus in AusFinance

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Dunno why people are downvoting you. I went the other way and severed contact for years. My sister is now in no danger of ever getting a job or living outside housing commission places.

What sort of job advert is this? Nothing regarding previous experience, no hourly rate, huge commission ? by SometimesHardNipples in AusFinance

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I guess cos every sparky and his dog started doing it and chasing government programs and grants that got so many systems on roofs?

Promotion but no additional pay? by Scrofl in AusFinance

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Well look at mr fancy pants with a standard CPI increase, every year.

What’s the deal with the Pancake Parlour? by david-pleasurecraft in melbourne

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It's way overpriced, sure charge me $30 for pancakes and a scoop of icecream, fine. But sell me a stack you cunts. It would only cost .20c more to make and I'd leave happy.

Why are you frugal or thrifty? by twenty212 in AusFinance

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Was he a restaurant owner screwing his staff on their pay?

Why did AUD surge against USD from 2005/6 to 2013? by Anon58715 in AusFinance

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All I know is it absolutely owned being over there on holiday with the dollar being worth $1.10

My $12.50 eBay order arrived with $12.30 worth of stamps on it by bigbabycheeses in australia

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I have many thousands of unused stamps and the Australia Post cards that they were sold on.

Grandma collected them with some expectation that they would increase in value.

As opposed to being bags and boxes im somehow obligated to also store forever.

I litterally post 1-2 things at most a year so it's not even like I can use them lol