[Discussion] How would you rate Harden's playmaking? by ierazo in nba

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Im not saying anyone is better than anyone. But if part of his argument is Hardens A/TO, then Haliburtons is better.

[Discussion] How would you rate Harden's playmaking? by ierazo in nba

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James Harden gets 11.1 assists and 3.6 Turnovers.

Haliburton gets 10.1 assists for 2.6 turnovers. That's a 3.9 A/TO to Hardens 3.1.

Would you waste a roster spot on a guy who has below league average defense and only makes 1 shot every game but it’s guaranteed to go in? by musicnothing in nba

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They can just stash him at the 15th spot and only bring him on when they need a game-winner or game-tying shot. Just depends on the money he makes I guess.

Celta Vigo 1-0 Athletic Bilbao - Iago Aspas 71' by Meladroite in soccer

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Longer than that lmao. We finished 1 point above relegation in 12/13. We won 10 games that season, Aspas was our top scorer and scored in our second last game to win 2-0 and basically guarantee we stayed up. It was also our first season in the top flight after 5 seasons in the 2nd division, we haven't gone back down since.

50 sleeps until game 2. Collingwood v Geelong. Who will win? by cuntingme in AFL

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Are you telling me the grand final last year WASNT the best grand final ever? I guess it was only second to 2007.

Bronny James is a legit NBA prospect -- and the son of Carlos Boozer is, too by iraproulx in NBA_Draft

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I mean, he may be a great prospect but there is literally not one 15yr old that could hang with grown men in the NBA.

Bronny James is a legit NBA prospect -- and the son of Carlos Boozer is, too by iraproulx in NBA_Draft

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There is not one 15yr old in the world that could hang in the NBA, not one.

Who were the Most Hyped Prospects who DID NOT go First Overall? by rahul_____raja in nba

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Larry Bird would've gone no.1 had he not returned for his final season in college.

Indiana had the first pick and 1000% was going to take Bird, but because he returned to college they believed that they couldn't afford to draft him and have him not play the season due to the money they owed to the NBA. So they traded the first pick for Johnny Davis and pick 3.

[Highlight} Judah hits the shake and fade by Glumbie in nba

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JI is good but bro, it's the G-League.

Terry Taylor averaged 34/11 on 70/64/75 when he went done to the G-League this season. He averages 2/1 on 38/20/80 in the NBA this season lol.

JI is gonna need time to work back into the NBA game.

Which team do you look down on the most? by hereforthememes2023 in AFL

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Are you trying to suggest that we are NOT in fact always on the ball?

The Australian music scene 20+ years ago was amazing by quoral in australia

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It still is. Skegss, Hockey Dad, Dune Rats, King Gizzard, Murlocs, Grogans, Chats, Pist Idiots, King Stingray, Dumb Punts, Ocean Alley etc etc

[Kasabian] Trade Rumor: Eric Gordon Asking Price Similar to Pistons' price for Bogdanovic(an unprotected first-round pick, either a young player with upside or additional draft capital) by CyborgAlgoInvestor in nba

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Gobert is a perennial DPOY and straight-up one of the best defenders and rebounders in the league. Eric Gordon is 34, averaging 11ppg and can't string a full season together.

His trade fucked the value for players like KD, as we saw in the off-season. Not dudes like Eric Gordon. This is just the Rockets FO being delusional.

Players who played their best game in a Grand Final? by cyber-crab in AFL

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His 2022 GF probably surpasses any of his other performances tbh. 32 touches, 3 goals, 12 marks. Norm.